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lightening up non-segue-itor Re: Maximum Headroom

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  • satkartar7
    ... what a great idea Nina love, Karta
    Message 1 of 5 , May 29, 2003
      > > No matter how much an unenlightened
      > > person attempts to come up with the
      > > perfect "unanswerable question" to
      > > place before an enlightened person,
      > > all their badgering will fail.
      > >
      > > Not because the guru or the enlightened
      > > person is necessarily more clever or
      > > intelligent, but because no matter how
      > > many words are exchanged, an unenlightened
      > > person cannot understand enlightenment,
      > > and their concepts of it are mere shadows.
      > >
      > > The con game is not the guru game. The
      > > con game is the shallow mis-interpretation
      > > of Advaita, presented by the host of
      > > "popcorn farts" who show up to smugly
      > > find the flaw and spout their transparent
      > > "wisdom" that there is no such thing as
      > > enlightenment, or that we are all already
      > > enlightened and there is nothing to do.
      > >
      > > Enjoying life,
      > > Enjoying enlightenment
      > > Unshakable, unmistakable,
      > >
      > > Jeff
      > Hi, Jeff,
      > Your 'unshakability' segued me into something completely different...
      > The Great Smokies Diagnostic Lab is currently collecting panels for a
      > female hormone study. (Any woman interested check out www.gsdl.com -
      > this is particularly great for healthy young women around age 25 who
      > would like to get a baseline hormone panel for comparison during
      > menopause.)
      > Perhaps we ought to talk GSDL into doing a hormone survey of
      > enlightened folks. If they find a pattern, they could produce the
      > hormone therapy for folks who wish to be unshakable.

      what a great idea Nina

      love, Karta

      > Ah, speaking of unshakable, I know a woman who used to check her car
      > oil every time she got a period. Well, one day she noticed her car
      > was not running smoothly at all. Then it dawned on her - she hadn't
      > had a period in a while (she was through menopause) and so hadn't
      > checked her oil. At any rate, she says she's feeling quite unshakable
      > these days - one of the blessings of not having monthly hormonal
      > surges.
      > shaken, not stirred,
      > Nina
      > P.S. Intellect is not affected by hormones. LOL.
      > P.P.S. I have the perfect unanswerable question, I'm just having a
      > hard time finding words for it. tee hee
      > P.P.P.S. You would like the This American Life show called "Pray".
      > The reporter travels to Colorado Springs where Christians have begun
      > praying for their city. She is told that there is no way that the
      > outside world (ie non-Christians) will possibly understand what is
      > going on in Colorado Springs, for very much the same reasons you gave
      > for an unenlightened person not being able to understand an
      > enlightened person's viewpoint. The reporter, under great sneaky
      > psychiatric leverage, eventually came to wonder whether she should
      > convert to Christianity. Go to www.thislife.org and look for "Our
      > Favorites" in the archives. Then, look for the program called "Pray".
      > P.P.P.P.S. My popcorn farts smell like roses.
      > P.P.P.P.P.S. Jeff, you worry too much.
      > P.P.P.P.P.P.S. So, the Christians in Colorado Springs were obsessed
      > with good and evil. They were fighting the good fight, for God, for
      > everyone's souls. They were canvasing the neighborhoods with prayer
      > walks. There were some Christians who had heightened senses of evil
      > in urban space. They would drop into prayer when they came across
      > traces of evil spirits. Right there, on the streets. Goodness!
      > P.P.P.P.P.P.P.S. I can dig this, after having spent many months
      > documenting psychological turbulance in Vienna. What it boils down
      > to, though, is that the psychological turbulence doesn't exist
      > without the one who is documenting it. I wonder, could the same be
      > said of enlightenment? Oh! Another rose-scented popcorn fart?!
      > P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.S. Transparent wisdom. I like that one... it made
      > me laugh. Tee hee! I'll be sure to use that one on my husband
      > sometime. "Hey, honey, your opinion is only transparent wisdom."
      > That's a little like telling a non-Christian they are deluded and
      > can't possibly understand... keeping the other going so you have
      > something to fight for. Oh! The room smells so sweet!
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