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Re: The paucity of spiritual "experiences"

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  • cornelius
    ... it..... ... control ... illness..... ... auras...... ... about ... say ... are ... fears, ... simply ... scale ... all....... ... from ... do what ... my
    Message 1 of 30 , May 29, 2003
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "G"
      <crystalkundalini@h...> wrote:
      > > For example, re: "Kundalini" thread, my interest in it is not
      > beyond that of a visual-sensory technique for observing energy
      > patterns. All the talk about Kundalini Awakening is too
      > suggestive.
      > > Some perspectives sound to me like "Look, I survived
      > Kundalini Awakening and if you don't want to go crazy or drop
      > dead, I recommend talking to me..."
      > > cornelius
      > G: it is never about creating fear but about deconstructing
      > the ones that come to the kundalini site have for the most
      > part been in the midst of confusion - living with out of
      > phenomena - fear - doubt - seeing lights - hearing nad and
      > becoming sensitive to nth degree - having their worlds
      > turned over through no fault of their own..... &
      > what used to give comfort now may become totally
      > terrorizing ...... intrusive thoughts .... seeing
      > heat up the spine so intense that one feels as if they are
      > going to spontaneously combust ...... kundalini isn't
      > being a method as you seem to think that is a
      > " visual-sensory technique for observing energy patterns."
      > they have
      > already gone through all the medical tests and dignoses
      > have tried reiki , reading books, all the therapies and
      > self avenues that they can think of.......
      > yes i take a lot of flack by being willing to step up and
      > it was a 30 year journey ...... and i am sorry that you
      > reading into it a negative rather than the positive of there
      > is a way through and out....... i went through all the
      > phenomena, and psychological shifts that occur along the
      > way and have found out the hard way what works and
      > doesn't to balance and move forward in a sane manner.....
      > if you have read the books on the market you would find that
      > they give nothing in the way of how to navigate it but
      > tell either the horror stories or totally fabricated off the
      > suggestions about the powers and greatness that one can
      > achieve .......
      > i am willing to take the flack in order to say what i can
      > to help others navigate this most difficult path and
      > happening..... most simply found themselves in the midst
      > of it not having attempted to start this process at
      > their hearts were simply wanting to be of service and that
      > of seeking God and what they got was a kundalini
      > awakening......
      > if you read the texts it is the old established Gurus that
      > speak of the dangers of kundalini for those that do not have
      > the correct guidance...... this isn't coming from me but
      > the written texts that anyone can get hold of....... so i
      do what
      > i can to mitigate the fears and bring understanding on what
      > works and what doesn't.......
      > shanti om

      my point is that "kundalini" is a mystical or esoteric formulation.
      A comglomeration of deity worship, energy balancing, visualization,
      bhakti yoga, Magic etc. (one source I have in mind is material by
      As such, it can be contrasted with approaches that are more
      mechanical, more palatable to "left-brain' thinking.

      You mentioned that you help alleviate fear in students for which
      other approaches did not work.
      Of course, others who cannot 'get into' the imagery of Kundalini,
      will have their fears alleviated by a practice as minimalist and
      nonEsoteric as Martial Arts training.

      I have No questions on whether your methods are positive and helpful.
      I can see that you combine different approaches and "speak"
      different "languages" (Christian esoterics, RM type 'self-enquiry"
      etc), I'm not attempting to Paint your approach into a Box....

      I'm attempting to point out how 'kundalini' is steeped in symbolic or
      esoteric language and that Evidence of Kundalini Awakening (for
      example) is highly Subjective.
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