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Re: Soham responses

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  • Armando Capo
    ... meditation ... the ... during ... 21,600 ... Bliss, ... that ... to ... Armando: Thank you all for your replies. One of the points I wanted to make was
    Message 1 of 2 , May 29, 2003
      > > >Bob (medit8ionsociety) wrote:
      > > >Subject: Soham, the Best Meditation Technique?
      > > >
      > > >[From] Swami Sivananda:
      > > >
      > > >"Sit on Padmasana or Siddhasana in your
      > > >room. Watch the >flow of breath. You will hear
      > > >sound "SOHAM", So during inhalation >and ham
      > > >exhalation. SOHAM means I AM HE. The breath is
      > > >reminding you of your identity with the Supreme
      > > >Soul. You are >unconsciously repeating Soham
      > > >times daily at the rate of 15 >Sohams per minute.
      > > >Associate the ideas of Existence, Knowledge,
      > > >Absolute, Purity, Peace, Perfection, Love, etc.,
      > > >along with Soham. Negate the body while repeating
      > > >the Mantra and identify ourself with the Atman or
      > > >the Supreme Soul."

      > >Armando (armandocapo@...) wrote:
      > >
      > >As I read the words above I am saddened (though
      > >quite temporarily) from the thought of everyone
      > >has read these words and follows the advice above
      > >"Negate the body".
      > >
      > >If the physical universe was ever meant to be
      > >negated, The One would have never manifested it to
      > >begin with.
      > >
      > >Negating the body is like telling a kid to never
      > >play because he is not really here!

      >Jeff Belyea wrote:
      >"My take on this was that
      >"negating the body" was
      >only meant as a temporary
      >devise to fully bring
      >attention to consciousness
      >while repeating the mantra,
      >to achieve God-realization
      >that the Soham meditation
      >affords. A return to waking
      >and enlightened consciousness
      >(as I am confident you agree)
      >enhances rather than negates
      >our delight with this body,
      >our sensory apparatus and
      >the field of joy these allow
      >us to play in while in this
      >mortal frame."

      >Bob�(medit8ionsociety) wrote:
      >Dear Armando,
      >First of all, there is no need to be "saddened
      >(though quite
      >temporarily)":-) There is a time and place for
      >everything, and
      >while meditating, reactivity to the body is not
      >It's one of the ways our mind distracts us from
      >focusing on the
      >object of out meditation. I'm sure that Swami
      >Sivananda meant
      >"Negate the body", as you put it, "quite
      >temporarily". Similarly,
      >meditation IS the time to negate the physical
      >universe. This is
      >not to imply that you can't investigate it during
      >meditation also.
      >But our habit is to keep manifesting new versions of
      >the universe,
      >and this keeps us from "The One" you refer to. So, I
      >think that
      >perhaps you read a bit too much, or too little, in
      >the words "Negate
      >the body", and sort of missed the forrest of wisdom
      >for the tree
      >of the mind's distraction. Please know that I respect
      >you and thank
      >you for sharing, and I just see this from a different
      >and acknowledge that it may be totally incorrect."

      >"G" wrote:�
      >"There are two paths one is absolute acceptance and
      >expansion and the other negation and contraction
      >until only the
      >Whole exists......
      >both dynamics may take you to the same end ...
      >Discovery of the One which manifests as the >many
      >then it may be embraced fully without being a moth
      >being singed
      >by the flames ......
      >physical form is a part of the transient journey but
      >being hung up
      >on it may lead to attachment - further desires and
      >further pain
      >concerning it ...... so there are two roads both
      >valid in their own
      >i see respecting the form as the vehicle of sensation
      >but it is not
      >the be all and end all ....... it will break down and
      >wear out one
      >day as all vehicles do ...... what is important is
      >what remains ......
      >that indefinable spirit which powers the physical
      >form for a time,
      >then goes on it's way to enter a new adventure......
      >a new form
      >comes and another adventure will begin a new scenario
      >will take
      >place - a new personage will develop and life goes
      >on ........
      >every day a part of the never ending journey of
      >form/subtle form/ formless ....... These triune
      >aspects are
      >One.... Knowing them unties the knots and turns the
      >flame from
      >hot and burning to the light of understanding and the
      >flame of
      >recognition of Being...... the shadows fall away as
      >.... Love then remains for what IS and as - IS in
      >motion...... "

      Armando: Thank you all for your replies. One of the
      points I wanted to make was very clearly demonstrated
      by your replies to my post.

      You are right in that I read a little too much (or too
      little for that matter) in Swami Sivananda's words
      about negating the body. Unfortunately, this is how
      most people read those words. You see, for most people
      a guru's words become dogma and if a guru told them
      that they have to negate the body without further
      explanation, they would most probably think that the
      body is a repulsive thing to be avoided. And, since
      this practice was offered as one that can be practiced
      all day long as one breathes throughout the day, one
      could infer that he/she would have to go around
      negating the body all day long too!

      I understand quite clearly the true meaning behind the
      words. I wanted to show that words are sometimes
      something that gets in the way of experience.
      Practicing SoHam is can be excellent. But, when a good
      meditation vehicle is utilized and the practice leads
      to the quieting of the mind, the mind remains in that
      space because it is its true natural state; to be
      quiet. It is like the monkey that jumps from tree to
      tree looking for the perfect banana and when it finds
      it, it remains there.

      Anything that does not give you that easy of an
      experience is too hard for me.

      In my personal practice, with eyes open or closed, I
      need not negate anything even temporarily, because I
      already am everything.

      And it should be that easy for everyone too.

      Peace to all,


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    • Jeff Belyea
      And so the purpose of this site is well-served. Well done, Armando Namaste and love, Jeff
      Message 2 of 2 , May 29, 2003
        And so the purpose of
        this site is well-served.

        Well done, Armando

        Namaste and love,

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