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Poohbear to Eeyore

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  • Ramon Sender
    Today s Great Thunk from Planet Z, part of an ongoing collection tentatively titled Enlightenment for the Just Plain Disgruntled or Pooh s Instructions to
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 7, 2002
      Today's Great Thunk from Planet Z, part of an ongoing collection
      tentatively titled "Enlightenment for the Just Plain Disgruntled"
      or "Pooh's Instructions to Eeyore on De-gloomification"

      >No one succeeds without patient perseverance.
      -- Ramana

      A Mild Suggestion from The Grand Poohbear of All Possibilities

      If the donkey Eeyore (Yo? Io? Ego?) of the waking self is digging in its

      hooves to the ‘patient perseverance’ admonition, or finding too severe
      other similar instructions such as ‘follow the mind to its source’ (“too

      many brambles, and what the hell happened to the path?”) , may your
      kindly Grand Poohbear recommend the carrot instead of the stick

      Carrot 1) catching the tip of the tongue before the first ' I ' thought
      in the
      morning and holding firm for the rollercoaster ride on the tendrils of
      delta-sleep bliss still dissipating into the dawn mists.
      It's then merely a question of how much bliss it takes to fill up
      Eeyore to the point where Eeyore reaches Eeyore's own individal bliss
      tolerance level.


      Carrot 2) clucking like a sleeping chick in time with Eeyore's
      How many clucks does it take for Eeyore to lapse into the heart
      100? 200? Once in, does Eeyore ever want to leave again?

      Today’s Zero k0an:
      “How many clucks does is take Eeyore to cross the great ocean?”


      Carrot 3) purring like a mother cat enjoying her kittens.
      Can Eeyore do 50 without drifting away? I can't.

      (Mouth slightly parted,
      on the inhale: snore and vibrate the back of the throat
      on the exhale thru the mouth: gargle a French 'r')

      Once Eeyore is content (filled), then those naughty “I am other than
      The Grand Poohbear” separate-self thought waves do indeed subside into
      naught (the ‘naughty’ losing its querulous ‘Y’) all on their own, like

      a baby bear who has nursed its fill on the Divine Pooh-Mother’s breast.

      The theory behind these exercises.
      Those of us who went through the Substance-Toking Sixties discovered
      that body states could arise of such extreme ecstasy that merging with
      the ocean of the Grand Poohbear was unavoidable. You figuratively were
      'grabbed by your bare scruff’ and plonked amidst the assembled ranks of
      ancestral ancient totem creatures, nature deities, buddhas, goddesses,
      and arhats, scruffy hair and all,. You could give the big ‘V’ and High
      to Avalokitsvara she-self until the chemistry wore off and you
      dazed and forgetful, in a re-entry orbit. At least it was very
      democratic --
      that is, you couldn’t claim unique ownership to the experience because
      after all, anyone taking the same cheerful blue tab could share the
      same enlightenment, but it tended to be evanescent -- and hard to

      I imagine that the current Rave/Ecstasy generation has been discovering
      somewhat the same message, to the intense exhaustion of their adrenal

      The perennial problem always has been: how to stay delta-ecstatic
      NATURALLY without ruining the body. In 2002 one can phrase it, ‘how
      to remain a functional bodhisattva in Consensus Reality -- that is
      operating out of one’s own ongoing and permanent experience of
      (thus bypassing Do-gooder-hood) without requiring one of the smorgasbord

      of booster fuels now so temptingly available either from one’s doctor or

      one’s dealer (is there a difference?).
      The lesson that everyone from the first self-realized mother (‘Urg,
      funny face in brook when Eeyore look down. Urg, big light in sky flashes

      in water when Eeyore bend down to drink’) to amazing Ramana, teaches us
      is this: the melting-away of the barriers that the waking-state ego
      between our naturally blissful Self (which we all are in deep delta-wave

      sleep) and our waking beta-consciousness, is our innate birthright. All
      the barriers (cultural, innate, survival, whatever) to this
      understanding are,
      in my humble Grand Poohbear opinion, merely hoary accretions layered
      over the aeons by encrusted patriarchal priesthood traditions and these
      nothing whatsoever except stir up bottom sediment and muddy the water,
      thus obscuring the amazing Truth -- that we are _already_ that ecstatic
      being-state for which we are seeking elsewhere.
      We all yearn for our own innately natural way to dissolve
      ego-separation so we can remain permanently in what perhaps can be
      inadequately as a flowing, post-orgasmic glow. Once Eeyore, while awake,

      can enjoy what Eeyore gets every night while asleep, the donkey self can
      back up happily into self-realized snugggle-itude with the Supreme Bear
      further ado or ‘patient perseverance’ or whacks on the haunches or gurus
      worshipping ancestors or inhaling rare fumes (of which, believe me, this

      particular Poohbear once inhaled more than a lifetime’s share) or other
      The methods I have described above work for me. I use them
      because Ramana’s looking back at the inside Looker, or the Middle Path
      of balancing the inside Looker with the Looked-at and then triangulating
      to the overarching Sun-Witness State (the ‘balance’ when achieved being
      recognizable by the blast of good vibrations from the lower extremities
      when the bear is not straining after them) is too un-bearably hard for
      me, as
      for most people. Given the terrible increase in suffering and stress
      the planet is currently undergoing, we all need a fast and thoroughly
      natural fix --for donkeys, for bears, and all the way up and down the
      phyla and
      Admittedly, these outlined fixes don’t yet seem to work via e-mail
      exhortations for any but a few of my friends. It may be that some sort
      on-site get-together is necessary. But meanwhile I'm investigating some
      hopefully even easier ones, such as The Baklava Meltdown (hold a
      of baklava until it melts on its own -- the longer held the better) or
      the Lollipop
      Ladi-dah. Or “tch-tch-ing” at the Eeyore's reflection in the mirror in
      with your heartbeat until you achieve at least a Level 7 laughter

      Wih loving beams,

      Swami Bootstrap Slow-As-Molasses (channeling the Grand Poohbear of All

      Possibilities within the Ocean of Bliss: "Hey, c'mon in! The water's
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