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    ... the ... awakened it ... G: excellent rendering .... yes this is Why i work with others through consciousness...... as this is Exactly what the
    Message 1 of 2 , May 28, 2003
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com,
      "satkartar7" <mi_nok@y...> wrote:
      > Kundalini is the serpent power of
      > sleeping Sakti, that has 3 1/2 coils
      > with face downwards, in the
      > Muladhara Chakra, at the base of
      > the spine. No Samadhi is possible
      > without its being awakened. The
      > practice of Kumbhaka is Pranayama
      > produces heat and there-by Kundalini
      > is awakened and passes upwards along the Sushumna Nadi.
      > The yogic practitioner experiences
      > various visions. Then the Kundalini
      > passes along the Six Chakras and
      > eventually gets united with Lord
      > Siva, seated on the Sahasrara or thousand-petalled lotus, at
      > crown of the head. Nirvikalpa Samadhi
      > ensues now and the Yogi gets
      > liberation and all the divine
      > Aishvaryas.
      > One should practice control of
      > breath with concentration of mind.
      > The awakened Kundalini that is
      > taken up to Manipura Chakra may
      > drop down again to Muladhara, It
      > has to be raised again with effort.
      > One should become perfectly
      > desireless and should be full of
      > Vairagya before he attempts to
      > awaken Kundalini.
      > Kundalini si like a thread and is resplendent. When it is
      awakened it
      > hisses like a serpent beaten with
      > a stick and enter the hole of
      > Sushumna.
      > When it travels from Chakra to
      > Chakra, layer after layer of the
      > mind become open and the Yogi,
      > acquires various Siddhis (psychic
      > powers).
      > The Science of Pranayama by
      > Swami Sivananda
      > lk

      G: excellent rendering .... yes this is Why i work with others
      through consciousness...... as this is Exactly what the kundalini
      does it moves through the 7 layers of Consciousness .....

      forget thinking about pathways - energies - and chakras...... this
      focusing on body etc. only keeps the phenomena in play longer
      and keeps the seeing of consciousness at arms length .....
      chasing the periphery rather than getting to the core and center

      Energy is neutral what comes from the layers of consciousness
      puts the spin on it all....... and all of it becomes uncovered to be
      seen and moved through......

      Self Enquiry keeps it within the central channel and balanced -
      relaxed breathing and being in the Now - helps to release
      whatever is coming up without being pulled out once again into
      the ever rising phenomena and getting lost within it's pull .....
      witness state allows one to not get caught up in the risings that
      gives one the opportunity to divest consciousness of all the
      collected fears and subtleties that mankind has collected
      through the mass mind and human dynamic........

      Once the "I" conceptualization is broken through the pathway is
      open to completion....... no knots remain to impinge the merging
      of Shiva / Shakti thereby reaching completion .....

      when enough is pulled away then a Nirvikalpa Samadhi
      ensues which strips the remaining illusion away ....... from there
      a Nirvikalpa Sahaja remains most naturally ....... 0 point
      balance is ......
      Realization Is...... Life is the great gift and mystery that
      remains......... minus the shadows of baggage......

      there is no Aversion that needs to Negate life experience / nor
      clinging to it ...... all that comes is joy for what it is........

      the harmony and balance of Form/Subtle Form/Formless
      remains........ it is all honored and understood as ONE ......

      whether one is in Form/Subtle Form/or Formless it matters not
      .... it is all Source ..... like ice, steam , & water are all One....
      Form , subtle form, and formless are one and the same.......

      There is nothing that exists which is not That........ there is
      never a time when Life is not........

      shanti om
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