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    ... Watch the flow of breath. You will hear the sound SOHAM , So during inhalation and ham during exhalation. SOHAM means I AM HE. The breath is reminding
    Message 1 of 6 , May 28, 2003
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, Armando
      Capo <armandocapo@y...> wrote:
      > >Bob (medit8ionsociety) wrote:
      > >Subject: Soham, the Best Meditation Technique?
      > >
      > >[From] Swami Sivananda:
      > >
      > >"Sit on Padmasana or Siddhasana in your meditation room.
      Watch the >flow of breath. You will hear the sound "SOHAM", So
      during inhalation >and ham during exhalation. SOHAM means I
      AM HE. The breath is >reminding you of your identity with the
      Supreme Soul. You are >unconsciously repeating Soham
      21,600 times daily at the rate of 15 >Sohams per minute.
      Associate the ideas of Existence, Knowledge, >Bliss, Absolute,
      Purity, Peace, Perfection, Love, etc., along with >Soham. Negate
      the body while repeating the Mantra and identify ourself >with the
      Atman or the Supreme Soul."
      > As I read the words above I am saddened (though quite
      temporarily) from the thought of everyone that has read these
      words and follows the advice above to "Negate the body".
      > If the physical universe was ever meant to be negated, The
      One would have never manifested it to begin with.
      > Negating the body is like telling a kid to never play because he
      is not really here!
      > Like Ken Wilber's concept of "holons", evolution is about
      accepting, loving, embracing and moving beyond. The body is to
      be accepted, loved and embraced. Then, and only then, can the
      individual move beyond it.
      > Trying to negate the body while attempting to live our everyday
      lives is an exercise in futility.
      > We are the third "leg" of the Triad; the resulting "Son" (or
      Daughter, if you like) from the Father aspect of The One (the
      spiritual planner) and the Mother aspect (the womb of creation
      and giver of life). We are physical! And of course, we are also
      > So we must learn to accept our physicality without being
      absorbed by it. Only then can we focus our energies with full
      intention on returning home (even though the "coming home" is
      nothing more than another illusion in itself)
      > Praise, Gratitude and Love to all,
      > Armando Capo
      > www.armandocapo.com

      G: there are two paths one is absolute acceptance and
      expansion and the other negation and contraction until only the
      Whole exists......

      both dynamics may take you to the same end ...

      Discovery of the One which manifests as the many .......

      then it may be embraced fully without being a moth being singed
      by the flames ......

      physical form is a part of the transient journey but being hung up
      on it may lead to attachment - further desires and further pain
      concerning it ...... so there are two roads both valid in their own

      i see respecting the form as the vehicle of sensation but it is not
      the be all and end all ....... it will break down and wear out one
      day as all vehicles do ...... what is important is what remains ......
      that indefinable spirit which powers the physical form for a time,
      then goes on it's way to enter a new adventure...... a new form
      comes and another adventure will begin a new scenario will take
      place - a new personage will develop and life goes on ........

      every day a part of the never ending journey of Now......

      form/subtle form/ formless ....... These triune aspects are
      One.... Knowing them unties the knots and turns the flame from
      hot and burning to the light of understanding and the flame of
      recognition of Being...... the shadows fall away as unimportant
      .... Love then remains for what IS and as - IS in motion......

      shanti om
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