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catch #1 jiving vs doing /De Ropp

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  • satkartar7
    From - The Master Game ,  Robert De Ropp  Catch #1: Talk-Think Syndrome: Talking  or thinking about the Work instead of doing it.   Catch #2:
    Message 1 of 1 , May 25, 2003
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      From - "The Master Game",  Robert De Ropp  

      Catch #1: Talk-Think Syndrome: Talking
       or thinking about the Work
      instead of doing it.
      Catch #2: Starry-eyed Syndrome: Fanatical devotion to and belief in a teach=
      or system to exlusion of all others.
      Catch #3:  False-Messiah Syndrome: 
      Delusion that I personaly am a teacher
        or savior.
      Catch #4:  Personal-Salvation Syndrome:
        Delusion that I personally can be
      saved, enter "heaven" survive death,etc.  
      Catch #5: Sunday-Go-To-Meeting Syndrome: Habit of making efforts only when =

      in presence of teacher or with other
      members of group.
      Catch #6:  Hunt-the-Guru Syndrome:
      Habit of wandering from teacher to
      teacher, without staying long enough
        to learn anything from any of them
      Overdependence, the fourth example of
      the wrong work of the emotional brain
      occurs in certain people, usually
      high in viscerotonia or somatotonia,
      when they have "found their faith"
      or "consolidated their belief".

      This generally means that they have
      become members of some cult or
      settled themselves at the feet of
      some teacher to whom they listen in
      starry-eyed rapture, accepting as
      "gospel" any information he chooses
      to offer them. 

      The phenomenon is very common in
      India, where guru worship(along with
      cow worship) constitutes a national
      vice. It is also common the West,
      for the Christian tradition, with its
      emphasis on the Good Shepherd, on sheepishness and on the "believe and
      ask no questions" attitude has always
      encouraged this form of emotional overdependence.

      The Starry-eyed Syndrome represents
      one of the most frequented and most
      favored cul-de-sacs on the Way. Its
      popularity is understandable enough

      It results from a human craving for certainty, for consolation, for
      guidance and for obedience.

      Despite all their big talk about
      freedom, men still wish to be slaves
      They want to be told what to do,
      what to wear, what to think, what
      to believe. This saves them from the
      effort and suffering involved in
      thinking for themselves. 

      Once they have hung about their necks
      the lable stating their "faith" they
      protect that label with a passionate intensity and will gladly kill
      anybody who dares to question the
      truth of any of the statements on
      the label.
      The Starry-eyed Syndrome is a form
      of the wrong function of the
      emotional brain that is very hard to correct. The ancient assertion:
      "If you believe what I tell you,
      you will be saved. If you don't
      you will be damned," has been used
      for centuries by priests of various
      religions for their own profit.

      It is an integral part of the
      world's oldest confidence trick. It
      is still played today and is still profitable, though the sophisticated
      members of a science-based society
      might be expected to know better
      than to fall for such a trick

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