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Re: from Alamas' Diamond Heart

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  • satkartar7
    ... thanks Jason, here are some more: Transcendence and Embodiment We can look at the process of realization from the perspective of transcendence or from the
    Message 1 of 3 , May 22, 2003
      > This is an interesting post Karta. Those that appear
      > tobe split-off is quite a concept. A personality
      > witnessing another personality split-off from a
      > persona could burrow into the thought of being of
      > multi-personality or more so a persona that
      > encompasses all personas (inclusive of avoident or
      > endulgent personalities). Nice thoughts to share.
      > Peace and Love

      thanks Jason, here are some more:

      Transcendence and Embodiment
      We can look at the process of
      realization from the perspective of
      transcendence or from the perspective
      of embodiment. When people talk
      about getting rid of the ego, they're
      talking about a transcendent experience
      It is possible to transcend the
      personality or the ego, or even
      physical existence. However, there
      is a more difficult process which
      leads to the state of embodiment of

      Rather than simply transcending the personality or physical existence,
      this state involves actually embodying
      essential existence in one's life.
      Of course, some systems do encompass
      both transcendence and embodiment.
      If you look at your experience here
      in terms of essential realization,
      what you will see in the approach to
      our Work is transcendence followed
      by embodiment.

      This is what is sometimes called
      death and rebirth; death is
      transcendence and the rebirth is

      In embodiment, the personality itself
      becomes permeable, and thus it is
      influenced by the essential realization
      True essential personal life becomes
      possible only when essential
      realization permeates the personality
      so that you are living according to
      your realization. You have a personal
      practical life-relationships, career,
      interests, things you enjoy doing,
      things you don't want to do.
      You're still a person, not just a
      disembodied spirit.

      This process of embodiment is very
      intriguing and exciting. It is
      fulfilling and satisfying in such a
      way that you realize how having a
      human life makes sense. It makes sense
      to all of you--to the mind, to the
      heart, to the personality, to your body
      Human life is not complete until the
      realization can be integrated into
      every aspect of you, so that all
      elements of you are in harmony and
      have an understanding of the situation
      if one part of you is alienated,
      rejected or split away, the integration
      is not yet complete.

      Embodiment becomes possible as the personality is clarified. The idea of
      clarifying the personality can be
      confusing because we often experience
      the personality as the source of our trouble.
      As we work on ourselves, we are
      constantly seeing the problems and
      suffering of the ego-ignorance,
      hatred, rage, fear, jealousy. So how,
      we wonder, can the personality be
      spiritual? It seems that the best
      thing we could do would be to
      obliterate it, to wage spiritual
      warfare, inner guerrilla warfare.
      In fact, many stages of the Work do
      feel like a kind of warfare. But
      successful warfare doesn't mean
      destruction of the enemy, it leads,
      rather, to the annexation of the
      territory. This is often the original
      reason for warfare; it is actually
      a movement towards expansion rather
      than destruction.

      > --- satkartar7 <mi_nok@y...> wrote:
      > > "Many spiritual teachers describe their
      > > experience of realization as if they
      > > suddenly became realized and the
      > > personality just died, or fell away.
      > >
      > > So it is understandable that you might
      > > fantasize that one day you will
      > > finish your meditation and there will
      > > be no personality left. This idea of
      > > enlightenment or self-realization is
      > > misguided, although it is true that
      > > you can experience sudden revelations
      > > or insights that can change the rest
      > > of your life.
      > >
      > > My perception of what happens with
      > > people who claim to have lost their
      > > personality totally and spontaneously
      > > is that there often remains a split
      > > -off or suppressed part which will
      > > manifest as a distortion or a lack
      > > of integration. This means that
      > > there has been an essential
      > > realization, but the realization
      > > has not clarified the personality
      > >
      > > It is, rather, a state of
      > > transcendence of the ego personality.
      > > If the personality is abandoned
      > > rather than integrated, the totality
      > > of life cannot be lived"
      > >
      > > <http://www.ridhwan.org/clarpers.html>
      > >
      > > Love, Karta
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