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Dear Yaba Daba

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  • Ramon Sender
    (from an imagined newspaper column Dear Yaba Question: Dear Yaba: I ve always thought that if I just kept learning more and more about myself and the world,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2002
      (from an imagined newspaper column "Dear Yaba"

      Question: Dear Yaba:
      I've always thought that if I just kept learning more and
      more about myself and the world, that this would lead to enlightenment.
      But it doesn't work. This thought business-- how do I get beyond it?

      Yaba answers:
      Knowledge can never bring you to the unknown. There is only one way
      that knowledge make you free from knowledge. It means that the mind
      must crash, just like those cars in crash tests on TV. But you must drive
      the mind at 110 mph so that it just obliterates itself.When the mind
      excedes its own speed limits, there is the crash of the mind function, and
      knowledge vanishes into the Great Aha, better expressed as [snore

      When you live in the Great Aha, you live where there are no borders and
      no center. In other words, you have drifted beyond All Sphincteral Control
      to that state known to the Crashed as [snore Bronx-cheer] Big Mr.
      Pee-In-The Pants.

      Quoting briefly from my own "Automatic Transmission of The Flame
      'Knowledge can teach you to learn a language or a do a
      crossword, or appear on a quiz show , but when the question "What-the-
      heck?'" comes up , then already a certain mental speed-up is attained. At
      that point, put the pedal to the metal of your mind. Think faster and
      faster and more and more and more. Let thoughts pour into your mind
      from all directions. Tune every radio to a different station, every
      television to a diffeent channel. Recite your social security number over
      and over. If possible have three friends read different books aloud to
      you simultaneously. Now move quickly through all 13 stages of
      laughter: "titter" - tee-hee-hee; "guffaw "- unh-hunh-hunh;
      "giggle" - ghee-ghee-ghee; "chuckle" - hunh-hunh-hunh;
      "cackle" - yak-yak-yak; "laugh" - hah-hah-hah"' "yuck"- yuk-yuk-yuk
      "crow" - haw-haw-haw; "belly laugh" - ho-ho-ho; "belly laugh with snort
      on inhale"; "bray" - haw-haw-haw; "bellow" - hoo-hoo-hoo; "scream" -
      Eeeeeeeee!"loss of urethral sphincter control"; "shriek" - Aiiiiiiiii!
      (loss of anal sphincter control)

      'Now you have reached the stone wall limits of all possible understandings,
      and the mind crashes.

      'You know already from your own experience that there are high speed
      mental close calls when knowledge disappears for a moment into
      absent-mindedness, but these moments are not a real absence, because
      that absence still refers to the possible return of "swerve-back-on-the-
      road-stupid" knowledge. But you muist go beyond the White Line,
      beyond those little bump-bump-bump sound moments.

      'So the real absence is _after_ the absence. What must happen, from
      the Great Aha [snore Bronx-cheer]. SUV-POV, must be absent absent-
      mindedness. Then you never experience the "swerve-back-on-the-road-
      stupid" recovery of mind again. You crash totally and thoroughly into
      the Great Aha [snore Bronx-cheer] and Big Mr. Pee-In-The Pants.

      'In the morning, before you put on your mind, there are moments when
      there is complete purposeless, moments when you can't turn on the
      ignition - you can't even find the keys. You stumble around the room
      looking for the bathroom door, talking gibberish. Make yourself more
      and more acquainted with these moments . Become completely attuned
      to them without trying to understand them. After your morning pee,
      sit on the toilet and remain with the urethra relaxed for at least 100
      breaths and the Great Aha will appear spontaneously [snore Bronx-
      cheer]. Begin to wear diapers and stay relaxed forever!'

      For you , dear questioner, I would ask: "What is nearest to you?" The
      nearest is not your body, not your senses , not your mind because your
      nearest is before the mind , before the senses, before the body. It is not
      a way of thinking , it is the energy that drives all this, the giggle juice,
      the bizz behind the whiz. Do not attach ever again to the SUV POV.
      You are the go-go-goer -- the universal gasoline!!

      trance-literated from : Jean Klein's "Transmission of The Flame" (this is
      actually a very insightful quote in the original.)
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