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  • Tony
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      From: Tony [mailto:tosime@...]
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      Subject: About Seeing ...G

      Thanks G,

      I read this after my reply to Sandeep and my reply took on a whole new

      I am not going to change my reply, but I will take another look at myself.

      Thanks again G.

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      From: gangak000 [mailto:crystalkundalini@...]
      Sent: Monday, July 22, 2002 6:10 PM
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      Subject: [Meditation Society of America] About Seeing "Bad" In a Guru's
      Comments or Actions

      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@y..., "sandeep" On a few

      other lists, there is now a sort of revolt against Guru's. Here is
      something I posted on one of the lists:
      Sisters and Brothers, or as the Rasta's so well phrase it, "I and
      I and I":
      When we see something in the Guru's behavior that is
      "negative", perhaps they are serving their "Being a mirror"
      function very well, and pointing to something we also have
      within us.

      here is something i addressed today seems right up this

      When Guru/Teachers Speak

      Why is it that when one has the label teacher...... that no matter
      what they say is taken to be "teaching" or attempting to instill
      their views upon another? Perhaps it is simply what it is a
      speaking and sharing from their reality as it is......person to

      each hears it a different way.......

      1) some as simply sharing.....(those that do not percieve any

      2) ..... others as attempts at teaching....(for those that
      either seek a teaching or teacher)

      3) ... others as putdowns and
      grandiosity...(for those that have issues with the label teacher
      and student) .

      4) ...others as supreme egoistic renderings.......( for those that
      know it all in concept and have issues with anyone else having
      the reality) ....

      these knee jerk reactions occur and color the exchange due to
      the perceptions based on their conditionings.....

      within the one that is speaking none of these classifications are
      seen....... it is simply the spontaneous outcome of the
      moment..... an interaction....... there is no cognition of you
      versus i...... it is not mulled over and thought about and
      considered....... one speaks the other responds within the
      dance called communication........ no more and no less.......

      Love and blessings maha shanti om ....g...

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