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Re: Suppression/meditation

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  • dan330033
    ... women ... and ... I m ... women ... seen ... as ... Agreed, Bob, it s not that supression is bad or wrong. It is appropriate to a certain situation and a
    Message 1 of 2 , May 5, 2003
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      > As a former hormones-raging male teenager, it was my first hand
      > experience to know what it was like to have to suppress lustful
      > thoughts and actions, so as to not have to face ego-breaking
      > situations, or even to prevent getting arrested:-) But as I matured,
      > it became an automatic thing, and by 30 or so, I could be around
      > and actually see them as people and not just as objects of desire
      > lust. Infinitly more than when a teen, nothing there anymore needing
      > to be suppressed, and thus suppression becomes a moot point. (BTW,
      > using 'moot" for the first time in decades, thinking it means not
      > worth arguing about - right?). Similarly, meditation's role in
      > suppression of negative state producing thoughts, for instance,
      > becomes automatic and effortless, and like being able to talk to
      > openly and honestly without underlying lustful stuff going on, very
      > rewarding. In meditation we go from Concentration, which could be
      > as having a suppression component, to Meditation, which may be seen
      > a suppressionless simply-receptive effortless experience, to
      > Contemplation, which although unlabelable, can be labeled as Being,
      > neither suppressive nor non-suppressive.
      > And now I'll suppress the inclination to say any more.
      > Peace and blessings,
      > Bob

      Agreed, Bob, it's not that supression is bad or wrong.

      It is appropriate to a certain situation and
      a certain perception and understanding of that situation.

      Yet, meditation has no supression in it, and undoes
      supression when it is time.

      Contemplation as "being" is good enough,
      and certainly as truth is beyond naming.

      Peace to you, too,
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