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Treatment for SARS

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  • Martand
    Hello. As a Pranic healer I have received two mails which were sent to me on behalf of Master Choa Kuk Sui, the founder of World Pranic Healing Foundation for
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 27, 2003

      As a Pranic healer I have received two mails which
      were sent to me on behalf of Master Choa Kuk Sui, the
      founder of World Pranic Healing Foundation for the
      treatment of SARS. I felt that the SARS treatment
      mentioned in the second mail is easy to follow even by
      the non-healers, and so decided to forward it to all
      my contacts. Kindly feel free to forward it to your
      contacts too. Though I hate chain mails, but this one
      is for the benefit of all of us.

      Please note that I am doing it only as a gesture of
      goodwill and in good faith. I have no selfish
      motive, nor do I get any benefit by sending this mail,
      or if it is forwarded.

      As a precautionary procedure it may be better to check
      for allergy against the oils mentioned in the mail.

      Best Wishes,


      From GMCKS: Additional Protocol for Treatment of SARS.

      Dearest Pranic Family,
      Loving Greetings!

      Master says:

      1. Put 3-5 drops of Tea Tree Oil and 3-5 drops of
      Eucalyptus Oil together in a small cup or long "shot
      glass" Tea Tree Oil is predominantly Green Prana which
      has disinfecting effect. Tea Tree Oil has been known
      for its disinfecting property and also is anti
      bacterial, a natural antibiotic used for fungus,
      bacterial and viral infection. Eucalyptus is
      predominantly Orange Prana which used for expelling
      diseased energy and also helps in the expelling

      2. Inhale thru the nose exhale thru the mouth. Do this
      12 X more per session and repeat the protocol 3-4 X
      per day. Do this for about 2 weeks or more. Do not
      exhale into the glass! This glass has to be
      disinfected after each use, by boiling it in hot

      Part 2

      For oral intake, it is advisable to take large dosage
      of Bee Propolis which is a natural occurring
      antibiotic to combine it with garlic oil. Bee Propolis
      is predominately Green Prana which explains why it has
      a strong antibiotic effect. Garlic oil is
      predominately Orange Prana. Too much intake of Garlic
      Oil may cause Loose Bowel Movement. Colloidal Silver
      may be taken for about 2 weeks or a little bit longer.
      People with defective kidneys should not take this
      product because the kidneys may not be able to take it
      out of the body properly.

      Part 3

      To increase the Pranic Energy or Chi Level of the body
      please do the following Breathing Exercises 3 times
      per day.
      1. 1 Balancing Breathing: 7 cycles per session
      2. Pranic Breath: Please do 7-1, 7-1 12 times per
      These protocols have not been tried and tested on
      actual infected SARS patients. However, based on our
      understanding of the properties of color Prana we
      believe that these protocols will help on the rapid
      recovery of the patient. Loads of Love and Blessings,
      end of message.

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