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Re: "Real" Meditation

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    ... purpose. When one begins some form of seeking, one immediately turns to an effective, remedial technique that will get one quickly to one s goal. Thus,
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 27, 2003
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Judi
      Rhodes" <judirhodes@z...> wrote:
      > Da Free John:
      > "Real" mediation does not do anything for you. It has no
      purpose. When one begins some form of seeking, one
      immediately turns to an effective, remedial technique that will get
      one quickly to one's goal. Thus, when one adapts to various
      kinds of religious and spiritual effort, one begins almost
      immediately to meditate in some fashion. The Christian and the
      devotee begin to pray and adapt to relgious forms. The spiritual
      seeker begins to concentrate and internalize the mind. Others
      use drugs, study, critical thought, relaxation and poetry, pleasure
      and so forth.
      > But real ife, the way of radical understanding, is not another
      form of seeking. For one who understands, meditation is not
      adopted for the sake of something else. Such a one does not
      pursue understanding or reality or any kind of experience
      through meditation. "Real" meditation is already a radical
      activity. It "is" understanding.
      > In the logic of Narcissus, the separative mentality, all things
      are seeking. But one who understands perceives the logic of
      reality and lives on the basis of that logic. Therefore, such a one
      is not strategically concerned about meditation. The business of
      one who understands is understanding, not ascent, vision,
      transformation, liberation, or any other goal. Understanding
      recognizes the fruitlessness of seeking.
      > "Real" meditation cannot be done by egoic effort, or strategy.
      Therefore. "real" meditation cannot, itself, be recommended, or
      prescribed. There is only understanding. Therefore,
      understand. And when the process of understanding has
      become self-observation, reflection, and radical insight, then the
      state of conscious awareness "is" real meditation. When
      understanding has become a radical process, and the
      avoidance of relationship has been inclusively and sufficiently
      recognized, when you have understood that seeking is all a
      function of dilemma and when you are no longer moved to seek
      by the physical, the mental, or the spiritual problem, then you are
      already and really meditating.
      > The usual meditation is only a consolation, an effect, and a
      good feeling. It provides no radical reversal of ordinary
      consciousness, and thus, when situations arise out of
      meditation, the person has no control over the process of
      identification, differentiation, and desire.
      > Only radical understanding avails. It is the intelligence of
      reality itself. It is not attached to some body or some conditional
      realm, or some conditional experience that is seen as the
      alternative, remedy, cure, and source of victory. It knows that
      every motive and action is made of avoidance. Thus, it has no
      recourse except to understand.
      > Understanding arises when there are true listening to my word
      and true self-observation in relationship. Therefore, observe
      yourself in life. Observe yourself when you seek. Observe
      yourself when you suffer to any degree. Observe your motives.
      Observe the activity of identification. Observe the activity of
      differentiation. Observe the activity of desire. Observe the
      patterns of your existence.
      > When you see that you are always seeking, understanding is
      emerging. When you see the pattern of Narcissus as all your
      motives, all your acts, all your seeking, understanding is
      emerging. When you see you are always suffering,
      understanding is emerging. When you see that every moment is
      a process in dilemma, understanding is emerging. When you
      see that every moment is a process of identification,
      differentiation, and desire, understanding is emerging. When
      you see that every moment, when you are at your best as well as
      when you are at your worst, you are only avoiding relationship,
      then you understand.
      > Understanding is the recognition of seeking as the active
      principle of one's life. It recognizes the effects of seeking, its
      qualities and sources, the areas of its operation and the
      methods of its functioning. It sees that seeking is the substance
      and the entire meaning of every moment of one's ordinary life.
      > But radical understanding, since it is radically aware of
      seeking, is not seeking. Radical understanding is prior to and
      apart from every kind of seeking and the entire drama or ordinary
      life. Therefore, it not only sees all life as seeking, but Enjoys
      itself as fundamental reality, prior to all seeking. It realizes no
      seeking, non-avoidance, non-separation, unqualified
      relatedness, and unqualified consciousness.
      > Happy Days,
      > Judi

      G: like i said before and say again Meditation is the way out.....
      the way out is through.......
      you have always attempted to lump whatever is said as a
      way to create some false state...... i have never promoted
      that type of meditation..... i don't advocate affirmations or
      self help courses.......
      the meditation i give is just this ...... one that brings you
      into direct cognition of what is going on in your life Now......
      and to allow you space to confront the illusions........

      so once again you have been attacking something which
      you yourself promote........ Real Meditation......

      try seeing what is really being said, rather than what you
      think is being said....... this radical understanding is also
      simply a step along the way to Realization...... there is yet
      a further step........ seeing through the bogus life holdings
      brings relief and frees one to then delve even deeper into
      what held it in place and created the dynamic in the first
      place and that is the "I" identity itself..... this is the last
      confrontation and surrender when it blows out it is over.........
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