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Osho: concentration is not meditation

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  • Melody
    ....Remember, concentration is not meditation. Because concentration is a discipline of the mind and meditation is putting the mind aside. In fact the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 27, 2003
      "....Remember, concentration is not meditation. Because concentration
      is a discipline of the mind and meditation is putting the mind aside."

      "In fact the English word meditation is not the right word, because in
      the West nothing like meditation has ever happened. The Sanskrit word
      is dhyana. The problem was the same when Buddhist monks went to China;
      they could not find the right word to translate dhyana into Chinese,
      so they wrote dhyana, which to the Chinese sounded like "zana." Hence
      the Japanese Zen; it is a transfiguration of the word dhyana.

      "Meditation" gives again the wrong idea, as if you are meditating upon
      something ― as if it is an activity ― not much different from
      concentration. You are concentrating on something, you are
      contemplating on something, you are meditating on something, but you
      are always concerned with something. And what dhyana is, is dropping
      all objects, dropping anything on which you can concentrate,
      contemplate, meditate; dropping everything, nothing is left ― only the
      one who was concentrating, only the one who was contemplating.

      That pure awareness is dhyana.

      In English there is no right word, so you have to understand that we
      are using "meditation" for dhyana.

      Dhyana means a state of being where there is no thought, no object, no
      dream, no desire, nothing ― just emptiness. In that emptiness you come
      to know your self. You discover the truth. You discover your
      subjectivity. It is perfect silence.

      There are methods to put aside the mind, just as there are methods to
      discipline the mind."

      "All the books that are best sellers in America are somehow concerned
      with how to increase your willpower, how to influence people and win
      friends, how to grow rich, mind over matter...but they are all talking
      about the discipline of the mind.

      Certainly if you discipline the mind you are a better competitor, you
      can fulfill your ambition more easily. You can manipulate people more
      easily, you can exploit people more easily, you can use others as a
      means to your end. Friedrich Nietzsche has written a book, Will to

      That is the very essence of the whole Western effort: will-to-power.

      Will-to-power needs first you should have willpower.
      And willpower is another name for your mind discipline, crystallized.
      No, these methods won't do. You have to learn methods to put the mind
      aside. It is already too powerful; don't make it more powerful,
      because you are feeding your own enemy."

      Osho, From Unconsciousness to Consciousness, #19

      Copyright © 2003 Osho International Foundation
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