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The Softened Gaze

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  • Ramon Sender
    ... Hi Tony, and hello back. As for the Gowan chart, I just don t have time currently to develop it further. And regarding meditation, I just do my
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 11 6:34 AM
      > Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 23:10:13 +0200
      > From: "Tony" <tosime@...>
      > Subject: Gowan Chart explanation - Ramon
      > Hi Ramon,
      > I was sifting through old mail and saw your mail on the Gowan chart.
      > I am not sure what point we reached and if anyone was due to do something.
      > Are we still going to develop this?
      > Cheers...Tony
      > PS - How are your bliss states coming?

      Hi Tony, and 'hello' back.
      As for the Gowan chart, I just don't have time currently to develop it further.
      And regarding meditation, I just do my upon-waking-up tongue-nursing
      back-to-sleep-bliss, and at the job during the day keep the body state
      going with purring (snore on the inhale, gargle a French 'r' on the
      exhale.) I guess I'm trying to keep 'awake' during the distractions of
      daily work! Quite a challenge!
      My reading is VERY backed up (we've been going away weekends for
      family weddings, etc.). But I'm hoping things will settle down soon
      (we also have a relative staying with us at the moment, very enjoyable
      but, once again, cutting into my very limited free time.
      But I'm not complaining! Everything feeds the sadhana -- sort of
      like a composter - garbage in, topsoil out!

      I've been following your postings, and glad to see you continue
      very devoted - oh! One interesting developing: when I am
      "aware of awareness," my eyes naturally come to a 'soft focus'
      about six inches in front of m,y face in what I call 'a widened
      very relaxed gaze.' I can now do it 'the other way round,' that
      is place my gaze in that spot (I can tell when it's there by the
      energy field expanding in my solar plexus) and just 'surf the
      front side of the NOW wave literally "in front of my mind".

      I often turn around causal relations and say "what if we start
      from the other end?" It can be educational.

      By the way, I did find the eye exercise posted here very very
      helpful - I printed out the red and blue circles and held them
      about six inches from my face.
      They are at Concentration 2 down the page at

      Tom Chalko recommends staring at the circles at 1 meters,
      ('overviewing 'them over the index finger - kind of unclear
      instructions, by the way)
      but I printed them out and held them at about six inches away.
      That's how I developed the 'soft focus' spot I described above.

      So anyway, I'm trying to keep the 'soft focus' no matter what
      I'm doing because I now realize I've been putting my 'focused
      attention' too much out there - a habit I guess - picture a concentrated
      'frown' on whatever the task is at hand. NOT NECESSARY!

      At ease, pal...

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