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This'll be a great group!

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  • medit8ionsociety
    I got this great email from Ganga today, and look forward to enjoying her new group. Check this out........... Namaste - Thought i would pass this along....
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 6, 2002
      I got this great email from Ganga today, and look forward to enjoying
      her new group. Check this out...........

      Namaste -

      Thought i would pass this along.... another one you might enjoy
      this morning.... also may be good for your meditation question
      line.... it is from my new site line called Guru_Satsang
      so far Jeff and myself are the only resident gurus but i hope that
      more will come on board and share.... Love .g.

      Ganga K. (Seattle, Wa)
      Jeff B. (Portland, Maine)

      Good morning -

      Namaste Dear One and good morning -

      J: I received a couple of questions directly from my website.
      One was about techniques and the other about why so few
      meditators, out of the hundreds of thousands of meditators in
      the world, receive enlightenment.

      I'd be interested in your view, ganga.

      G: thankyou for that interest... your reply is wonderful there is
      only a very little to be added perhaps.... but lets see what pops

      *** Here's my reply:

      Hi Jason -

      J: Thanks. I think the method is secondary to the desire. I'll
      come back to that.

      Quieting the inner dialogue by being aware of when you are
      inhaling and when you are exhaling and focusing awareness on
      the subtle activity of the body as you inhale and exhale is a
      beginning technique to just about all meditations.

      G: absolutely this is also what i give at the start..... simply
      becoming aware of the breath..... to let it slow naturally.... to go
      within it deeply...... let it come from the diaphram until the
      stomach moves like the ocean waves in and out.... this one
      practice not only relaxes , but centers, starts one to begin to learn
      focused awareness, openness and a host of other needed tools
      along the way....... this one is the foundation for when rising
      emotions come...... when they do once again go into the breath
      and let it go........
      there are other ways of seeing or looking to be developed.....
      such as doing One activity at a time..... without chasing other
      thoughts and intrusions..... thus developing one pointed
      awareness or the ability of mindfullness...... Vipassana or
      learning to become witness..... and the final stage of
      Self-Enquiry to break through actively the illusive play of ego....
      course along with this goes Bhakt,i or Love through self
      effacement and also, Karma Yoga of Giving without seeking
      return or any pre-conceived notion of an outcome.... all of these
      are tools to move one ahead within their stripping away of
      illusive mind and false identifications......

      And yes..... Desire for Truth or Liberation must be the all
      consuming passion for Enlightenment to occur.......
      Enlightenment means quite aptly...... being Blown out........
      it is not the gaining of more knowledge...... or greater
      techniques..... or attempting to hold more calm...... it is having
      all the concepts and illusions - including self identity blown out
      and shattered within an instant......... then one comes back and
      reforms from the point of Absolute Truth rather than attempting to
      build from relative happenings.......

      J: Really good question about why so few meditators come to
      enlightenment. I can only speculate, and relate it to my personal
      experience. First, let me say that meditation is beneficial, in that
      it relaxes the mind and body, and brings the meditators to a
      more peaceful view of life. So it is a great stress management
      tool. That alone, is enough for many.

      G: if that is all they are seeking then that is all that will be
      found..... when the externals of life are paramount then
      there is not enough commitment or willingness to shed
      it all...... without being willing to forgo Everything even
      to the point of dying for the truth then it will not be
      Like Christ the internal path means being willing to walk
      across a bed of thorns if needbe..... to be willing to traverse
      hell and back to reach heaven......

      J: We tend to think of the enlightenment experience as a
      sudden breakthrough to a new reality. And in a way it is, but it is
      always preceded by a long journey of preparation.

      G: yes.... it takes for most - years of self searching..... of
      inner contemplation...... of prayer....... of searching and
      seeking the inner wisdom and knowing of scriptures.....
      of every moment awareness of developing bhakti (love),
      self sacrifice Karma, stilling, releasing, centering,
      walking the walk not simply philosophy spouting in front
      of a keyboard or from your arm chair..... it takes an active
      dedication.... for Christians to take up the path of
      for Buddhists to Walk the way of Buddha..... for Hindus
      the same developing Bhakti, Karma, and finally Jnana or
      wisdom of Direct Experience.....

      J: The desire to experience enlightenment seems to follow
      earlier questions about life strategies and the failures they have
      produced. One who looks to meditation is often looking for a
      new life strategy that will bring more success in the form of
      happiness and contentment, and peace of mind.

      G: many that go into meditation do so with the idea of
      gaining more control and power.... they think falsely that
      occult powers mean and equate more knowledge and
      higher attainment.... herein lies the heart of the problem....
      many get caught up in chasing lights and sounds , more
      and more endless shows of phenomena.... no matter
      how much phenomena arises and how out of the ordinary
      it is - it does not bring inner calm, nor peace...... They
      may at some point relax enought to feel the Bliss and
      so are wrapped up in the thought that they are indeed
      getting closer..... When siddhis arise it can be very
      Ego gratifying.... so instead of getting closer to the loss
      of Ego simply a more entrenched view takes place....
      Now there is a subtle Pride of Accomplishment that takes
      place..... There is also the very difficult one to see
      which is the most subtle Pride and that is the one of
      developing Humility.... When you are proud of your
      humitity then there is No humility at all..... so within the
      search are the one hundred and one subtle variations
      of Ego games that come and hopefully go..... But it takes
      dedication and sincerity to see through them... it takes
      being willing in the end to let go of all the siddhis, and
      humility, and book knowledge, and even self identity to
      enter into the Blowing Out of conceptual reality , to
      enter into Enlightenment and Self Realization.....

      There are very few that want to give up anything..... if you
      are willing to go to the ends of the earth.... to face any
      hardship..... to give up all you possess..... to sacrifice
      and limb if need be...... then you have a chance of
      being Blown Out and liberated.....

      J: The approach to enlightenment engages the ego. It
      threatens the ego, the rational process, the thinker, who feels
      very much in charge of our life. We have been taught to rely on
      this exclusively. When we begin to look for more, the ego is
      threatened, and it feels to the ego life that it is
      This is the battle ground. It is not for the squeamish or weakly
      dedicated. It is a fight to the death...of the ego (or at least
      submission of the ego to the higher self). We must
      be ready to face death of the former self. That's not for everyone.

      G: yes..... this is not a weekend activity..... you can't go to a
      seminar or a retreat and expect to just walk away with
      Enlightenment.... it is the great paradox.... you must be
      willing to give up everything to gain existance.... you must
      be willing to go through Death to find Everlasting Life...
      You must be willing to be nailed to the cross of your own
      fears to be able to see that they were all illusions of mind...
      It is not easy to face all your fears head on.... nor to look
      at yourself and your life and be willing to let go of all the
      hurts and not justify any longer.... it is not easy to truly
      forgive and have compassion for the hurts one has
      encountered..... but all this must be done....... there must
      be a willingness to let all the old drama's go.... that is
      very frightening for most..... that is part of the percieved
      identity of who you are...... we want to continue to have a
      crutch for the poor me cycle.... after all what will i do
      the poor me story ends? it justifies our behavior.. our
      reactions..... our failings.... that is difficult to see
      and sacrifice on the altar of Truth..... but ALL must be
      willing to be let go of....... when All has been done that is
      humanly possible...... then it is time to Surrender.....
      When you feel poured out like melted wax..... have done
      all that may be done..... then and only then is the time for
      total and complete surrender to God or Self .....
      That is the time when Grace Appears and pulls one
      beyond themselves and Blows out everything that has
      been held.... What remains is Clarity... Peace.... Calm....
      a Fluidness........

      J: Many meditators I know do not profess enlightenment, or
      speak of any real specific event. Yet they are very peaceful and
      grateful for the benefits of meditation. So, maybe it is not just a
      darkness to light flash, for most, as much as it is a gradual
      sunrise into a more complete awareness.

      G: one does in fact move forward concept by concept..... living
      ever closer and higher truths...... but the last step is a
      total surrender and a willingness to let go of every truth and
      particle of self....... then and only then is Grace

      J: There are paradoxes on the spiritual path, one of which is
      that the seeker must give up seeking, at a precise point, in order
      to receive that which he is seeking. There comes a time of total
      receptivity in order to receive the gift of grace known as
      enlightenment. This is a delicate balance and seems to require
      precise instruction. Therefore the need for a teacher.

      G: also the teacher is needed as many gain a samadhi
      experience and think that they have already attained.....
      the first Samadhi or Inner Calm are beyond belief......
      When taken as the end to soon then no more progress
      is made..... eventually that event will fade.... then there
      usually comes a trying to re-create the past samadhi or
      inner quiet........ so this is why the teacher is needed to
      say...... no this is not it....... neti...... neti.....
      neti...... =
      go deeper
      let go..... don't seek the outer...... don't chase the
      phenomena...... go to the Source....

      J: For those who experience enlightenment, it is felt that this
      truly the ultimate human experience and the destiny of all
      humankind. In fact, however, as you note, relatively very few
      meditators experience full-blown enlightenment. Those who do,
      tend to feel compelled to become a teacher. The urge to share
      the experience and the joy of sharing the experience, telling
      about it, encouraging others who are seeking the experience is,
      to me, the call to become a gurĂ¼.
      Jesus was known as a "forerunner", and I think that those who
      experience enlightenment and "return" to teach others of the
      possibility of enlightenment for all seekers, are forerunners as
      well. What I don't know is God's timetable.

      If one is drawn to meditation and is intrigued by the mystery of
      enlightenment, then they will pursue the course and look until
      they find what is their heart's desire. The odds will not deter

      The role of teacher or gurĂ¼ for me came as a result of a vow I
      took. I didn't know of it at the time, but it sounded precisely what
      read of now as the, "Boddhisattva vow".Ken Wilber
      (recommended reading) summarizes it something like, "If you
      will reveal this truth to me, I will spend my life communicating it
      to others." What we learn on the other side of enlightenment, is
      that it is beyond words, and must be
      personally experienced in order to be comprehended. So we
      teach by pointing others to the possibility of their own inner

      I hope this helps,


      G: in conclusion i would also say yes..... that speaking from
      my own life experience.... that i also took such a vow ....
      as a teenager there was this realization that whatever
      would be gained along the way would be shared with
      others , openly...... the way was not easy.... for myself it
      took traversing years of hell..... but the good news is that
      in the end is glorious Freedom.... it IS possible....
      is and always has been right here...... but we see it not
      we simply see as through a dark glass...... the Light has
      not changed.... simply the perception was clouded over...
      the Ever Unchanging Source is within the temple of the
      Heart just waiting to be discovered...... it is There.....
      when it is found no inner versus outer remains.... Simply
      Liberation will be found..... then hopefully shared with the
      rest of struggling humanity...... the world gains liberation
      One Being at a time....
      thankyou for allowing this to be shared....

      shanti om .... g.
    • lesley_j2001
      Thank you for sharing this message. There is much here that spoke to me. Lesley
      Message 2 of 2 , Jul 10, 2002
        Thank you for sharing this message. There is much here that spoke to

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