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  • lesley_j2001
    Has anyone heard about the Indigo Children or read the book by that title? I just read it, and it hit some nerves for me. The book s premise is that a new
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2002
      Has anyone heard about the Indigo Children or read the book by that
      title? I just read it, and it hit some nerves for me. The book's
      premise is that a new *breed* of human has come into the world.
      Their color is Indigo. (This is based on color charting.) According
      to the book's authors, the Indigos are here to usher in a new way of
      living, evolving humans very quickly. There were specific character
      traits mentioned for these children. The book was written sometime
      in the 90s and suggests that most indigos at that time were around
      age 6-10, but that some had been born in the early 70s or before.

      I really struggled with the suggestion of evolution. I guess I never
      considered it would occur within my lifetime. It always seemed more
      gradual - mutant genes slowly working their way into the mainstream
      DNA. The book suggests that we are experiencing personal wishy-washy
      ness because we are living between worlds, that of the old way of
      living, and that of the new based on interconnectedness, energy
      flow, and a host of other metaphysical things.

      But, the tone of the book really put me off. It seems to really
      treat indigos as if they are special humans (even suggested from
      other worlds and planets). I felt reading it as I do when I read
      books that discuss Armageddon and the end of the world - wild
      interpretations of seemingly random occurrences bordering on Science

      The thing is, that book was about me. It screamed at me that I am an
      Indigo. I am exactly how they describe indigos. (Surprisingly, or
      not, I have had my aura read and it was indigo once, and voilet
      another time - with lots of indigo.) But, I'm in my early 30s. If
      the proposition of the author is true, could it be that some of us
      arrived early to take on early roles for all the others? I'm
      thinking leadership, such as politics or ministerial. The indigos
      would need someone to vote for when they turn 18, a church where
      they are welcomed. Could some of the early indigos have arrived to
      fill that void?

      I asked my inner voice if it were true that I was an indigo. It
      replied (loudly I might add) "Yes and we need you to get it in gear.
      Hurry! We need you!)

      What is anyone's take on the book's theory? I can't put my finger on
      why I disliked the message when it screamed at me so.

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