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Re: Body Intelligence - Eve

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  • eveneon
    ... that ... I ... hedge ... and ... I ... was ... surprise, ... my ... easy ... with ... Yes, thanks for sharing. Eve
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 1, 2002
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      > Over time, mainly through meditation, I have begun to appreciate
      > I have several "intelligences" or minds. One mind, my "ego",
      > dominates so much that I thought it was the only mind I had. There
      > are two experiences I remember which highlight this.
      > Many years ago, armed robbers who were trying to steal my car
      > attacked me. I was so scared my mind switched off and I went into
      > an "inner mind" mode. To my surprise, I knew exactly what to do.
      > There was no fear. I was perfectly calm even as I ran for my life.
      > ran in a zig-zag pattern to evade the gun shots. I dived over a
      > and instinctively turned as I jumped so I would land facing my
      > assailant (it was night time and quite dark) my plan was to land
      > instantly freeze. If I saw that my assailant was still following me
      > could then decide which way to run. At the time I thought, who is
      > doing this? I was behaving like a trained soldier but I had no
      > training. As soon as the danger was over, my mind took over and I
      > back to normal.
      > The second incident was more recent. I had been searching for a PC
      > cable for hours and was about to give up. I decided to experiment
      > by "not thinking" and just allowing my body to move. To my
      > I went directly to where the cable was hiding in a bunch of other
      > cables. This was a very strange experience as I had to "surrender"
      > body to my "inner mind". My meditation experience made it quite
      > to "shut my mind down" for a while.
      > There is a third more general experience. I am finding more
      > frequently that I do not have to "think" to say things during
      > important occasions such as when I gave a speech a few days ago and
      > today when I attended an interview. When I shut down my mind, I end
      > up saying the right things for the occasion. Many times I am
      > surprised at how appropriate my responses are. My main problem is
      > keeping my ego-based mind in the background.
      > In terms of parts of the body, I am beginning to appreciate that
      > possibly all organs and other parts of our bodies have some sort of
      > innate intelligence. The problem is that they don't communicate
      > words. I am guessing that each organ has its own way of
      > communicating. It might be partly the way we sense the organ but it
      > might also have others channels. I am still exploring this. At the
      > moment I use my mind to translate the sensations into some kind of
      > thought, but this is not efficient as the mind adds its own
      > interpretation.
      > I hope this helpsÂ…Tony

      Yes, thanks for sharing.

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