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Body-mind-meditation part 2

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  • satkartar7
    Want to expand consciousness? Want to be serious about our spiritual growth. Well it is YOUR responsibility, no one elses. No guru, channeler, psychic,
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 3, 2003
      Want to expand consciousness? Want to be
      serious about our spiritual growth. Well it is YOUR responsibility,
      no one elses. No guru, channeler, psychic, philosopher. It all
      starts with self knowledge. Here is a great way to start with the
      link to the web site where the full series is posted. Feedback

      The Chakra Meditation

      Sit or lie comfortably, and immediately begin focusing on
      the feelings throughout the body.

      Those new to this practice may
      begin by focusing upon a very small area of the body, such as the
      tip of the right index finger. Be carefully aware of every subtle
      detail of feeling in this area. Allow awareness to spread to the
      entire finger, then the hand, arm, both arms, chest, torso, head,
      legs and feet, (not necessarily in that order). Do not avoid any
      pain, fear or other unpleasantness found anywhere in the body. [Such
      feelings are usually the result of Intentions which inhibit personal
      growth, and these can be "reprogrammed". Fear can be replaced by
      love, confusion by clarity, and pain by vibrant energy/positivity.]

      As thoughts inevitably run though the mind, simply relax, and
      return again and again to a feeling-awareness focus, even if this
      means doing so a hundred times every minute.

      Chronic, rampant,
      seemingly unstoppable thoughts in the mind, are a symptom of stored
      stress in ones' being. As the practice of meditation proceeds,
      stress is released, and the tendency of thoughts to intrude upon
      this process will gradually diminish. Be patient and don't let the
      simplicity of this method of meditation deceive you. Let your
      awareness travel freely from one area of the body to the next, as it
      will be inclined to do.

      Feel every subtle inner detail. Areas of
      particular stress or activity will attract your awareness, and hold
      it for longer periods than the rest of the body. Allow this to
      happen, as it is a function of natural self-healing processes and
      energy body activity. Don't be concerned or irritated by intruding
      thoughts, just continue to return to a feeling/awareness-oriented
      focus within the body, in a relaxed manner.

      One particularly notable value of the above meditational practice,
      is that is can be done any time during the day, at work, at home or
      in conjunction with any other activity. It can be done for as
      little as 5-30 seconds at a time, (as daily inner awareness) and it
      will still render cumulative benefits, though these are usually more
      pronounced when the eyes are closed, and the body still. It is
      recommended that the Chakra Meditation, (or others like it) be
      performed daily just before going to sleep at night, and before
      arising in the morning, for 20-30 minutes at a time.

      Daily inner
      awareness and meditation compliment each others' effectiveness,
      acting to improve health, reduce stress, increase psychic
      sensitivity, clarity and the capacity for love, manifest
      intelligence and wisdom.

      > Self knowledge implies the capacity for self change. The
      > self-aware individual discovers that the task of building a more
      > evolved self, is often easier than expected. They are thus enabled
      > to build a more evolved world with others in the process.
      > By applying the Chakra Meditation daily, or others like it we
      > become increasingly aware of the subtle feelings/Intents in the
      > body, as they exist in each cubic inch of our physiology. This
      > practice then allows the meditator to begin to transform the
      > Intentions held in the body as a residue of past experiences, to
      > ones that are progressively more evolved. Long held fear anywhere
      > in the body, such as in the stomach, (third chakra) or the heart,
      > (fourth chakra) can be transformed to love.
      > Confusion and a
      > scattered focus in the region of the forehead, (sixth chakra) can be
      > turned into greater and greater clarity. A lack of energy in the
      > hips/lower spine, (first chakra) can be made into a state of high
      > vitality. All of these changes of cellular memory and Intent can be
      > transformed in such a manner. The meditator may do this by
      > Intending changes to come about, by employing the following four
      > steps;
      > (for rendering internal change)
      > 1) Be aware of your current state of body/mind, (this is
      > accomplished through meditation).
      > 2) Gain familiarity with that which is to be Intended, (such as a
      > higher love and clarity) and the Intent to be acted upon is
      > crystallized.
      > 3) The desired state is held steady in the mind, (for at least 5
      > minutes). Visualize and feel this state as if it already exists,
      > until the body/mind shifts into it.
      > 4) The desired state is "held in place" throughout the body, (or a
      > given chakra). This new state is maintained by treating it as the
      > new reality of the self on a permanent basis.
      > Subsequent applications of the above four-step process render
      > cumulative results. Be persistent!
      > By employing such techniques as the Chakra Meditation, we are made
      > aware of the fact that the body is a collection of cellular group
      > minds.
      > Each of these possesses Intent, Awareness and Energy. Every
      > cell group in the body therefore has a state of consciousness which
      > it holds. It may also be accurately said, that every Intent element
      > or cubic inch of our tissue holds a certain "state of mind",
      > composed of fear, clarity, pleasure, pain, love, confusion or bliss,
      > or some combination thereof. During meditation we are given the
      > opportunity to become aware of these Intent elements and their
      > subtle details.
      > The meditator will notice that every subtle feeling
      > in the body is an indicator of a corresponding Intent underlying it.
      > They will also notice that the chakras are the most intense
      > feeling/awareness centers of the body, and that each chakra is
      > composed of smaller regions of feeling/awareness areas. The reason
      > this is important information for the meditator to gain, is that all
      > of these Intent elements can be transformed at will, once they are
      > known through meditation. This is a part of what it means to "gain
      > self knowledge". The feelings in the body and their corresponding
      > Intentions, are a reflection of our overall mental and spiritual
      > focus.
      > These are stored in the body as a form of cellular memory and ongoing activity.
      > When we meditate then, we become aware of many subtle feelings and
      > Intentions that are housed in our tissues. In order to expand our
      > consciousness, it is very useful to transform these stored
      > Intentions/memories to ones that are spiritually progressive.
      > Of
      > particular importance is the seeking out of all fear housed in the
      > cells, through meditation. So instead of avoiding fear and its
      > unpleasantness, seek it out as a hunter stalks their prey.
      > Once it
      > is found anywhere in the body, fear can be transformed into love or
      > clarity by using the "four steps in the manifestation of Intent"
      > above. If fear is found in the fourth chakra, (heart) for instance,
      > step one of "Being aware of your current state of body/mind" in
      > this area is accomplished.
      > Step two of, "Gain familiarity with that
      > which is to be Intended" is accomplished when we focus on the love
      > we want to experience there.
      > Step three, "The desired state is held
      > steady in the mind is achieved when we stay focused on the love that
      > is replacing the fear within. Feel fear be dissolved by love by
      > gradual degrees, until it is completely replaced on a permanent
      > basis. Then treat this inner change as your new permanent reality.
      > In doing this you have accomplished step four above, or, "The
      > desired state is "held in place" throughout the body, (or a given
      > chakra). This is a brief example of employing Intent for internal
      > change.
      > Any area of the body may in this way be transformed, and its
      > underlying Intent changed. This will aid in the improvement of
      > health, mental clarity and the raising of overall consciousness.
      > The more areas of the body we convert from fear to love, the more
      > our consciousness will soar. The same is true of the World Mind in
      > which we live, because we are analogous to cells within the body of
      > humanity/the Earth.
      > The spiritual practitioner may rightly consider these inner
      > transformations, as a preparation for greater Mastery. They prepare
      > us for the creation of the needed outer transformations, in the
      > World Mind of humanity.
      > Matthew Webb visionquest@e...
      > The World Mind Society http://www.eoni.com/~visionquest
      > K
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