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Re: Copyright / karta

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  • satkartar7
    ... thanks Dan, your agreement shows, that you have an academic mind and training Peace and Love, Karta
    Message 1 of 10 , Apr 3, 2003
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      "dan330033" <dan330033@y...> wrote:

      > I agree, Karta.
      > It's all part of social conventions, and social
      > conventions have a place in the scheme of things.
      > I generally say "please" and "thank you," I don't
      > drive across the street when the light is red,
      > I wear clothes in public, I shower every day,
      > etc., etc., etc.
      > Society is part of what we humans do, and copyrighting
      > material is part of our social contract.
      > I think it's a good idea generally to adhere to copyright law --
      > and usually taking paragraphs and attributing those to
      > who said 'em is no problem, usually reproducing things
      > for nonprofit use is okay too -- but still, why not
      > attribute a name to something you're using?
      > It provides information that might be useful, avoids
      > the pretense that you didn't borrow it -- and
      > it's nice to know who said what, in case you want
      > to read or study further from the one who said it.
      > Plus, it's simply polite.
      > Thanks for pointing this out,
      > Dan

      thanks Dan, your agreement shows,
      that you have an academic mind and

      Peace and Love, Karta

      satkartar wrote:
      > Devi you are non-stop plagiarizing
      > at several unsuspecting of this
      > fact clubs. You said, that you can
      > not put in words your realization
      > and/or experiences and that is why
      > you Cut & Paste
      > >
      > Michael: who does she plagiarize, do
      > you know?
      > K: mostly Meher Baba, or looking up the
      > topic from Google
      > here are the 3 from the many of
      > todays...
      > <http://www.beezone.com/GodtoMan/chapter_iv_aspirants.html>
      > Jason: Does it even matter? I can't
      > even count how many times
      > ...
      > Plagiarizing myself in any order or
      > words,...
      > Karta: there is fine line in ethics I don't
      > think you ever consider crossing Jeff, or other members of this
      > club either.
      > This ongoing plagiarizing stood out for me since I don't speak
      > flowery english with impeccible expressions so I thought before why
      > not just Cut & Paste some one else's thought I resonate whit and post
      > that.
      > I did not do so, and you didn't either, or anybody else is NOT
      > plagiarizing all the time, but write their own words, why would
      > thye? ESPECIALLY SOMEONE WHO claims to be God-realized; as Devi does
      > and is posting these as her OWN words and ADVICE to other club-
      > members from the stance of a "God-realized" being.
      > >
      > Jason says: copying "words" and you mention:
      > to use "impeccible expressions" is OK, but I was talking about C&P
      > whole articles without
      > any reference from where and from whom is it from over and over
      > again, and that is unethical.
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