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Re: Harvey and individuality

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  • devianandi
    that was absolutely the truth.......perfect, i haven t heard it put so clearly as you have on the internet yet...exact...can i share this on another group? ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 3, 2003
      that was absolutely the truth.......perfect, i haven't heard it put
      so clearly as you have on the internet yet...exact...can i share this
      on another group?
      > I've seen that you have recurrence on the issue of individuality
      > identification. This is what made me write about individuality as
      > not a problem.
      > Let me clear down my understanding on this, hoping it is of some
      > benefit for you.
      > What supposedly we are looking for here is "realization". This is
      > why meditation is the issue of this list, being meditation
      > considered a pretty good means for enlightenment or "realization".
      > First we should ask ourselves: to "realize" what?
      > It is said to be our real identity. And it is said that this real
      > identity is not that of the individual you think you are. And more
      > on, it is said that to realize this you have to do it by your own,
      > which means, that you have to "experience" your true identity by
      > yourself. Nobody is going to "tell" you about it, nor you
      > will "believe" something of the kind. This has been prooved for
      > millions of years, isn't it? So those who have realized, what they
      > come to know is that the individual is no other thing than a
      > reflection, an idea, a gross manifestation of existence. And this
      > existence alone, pure existence, is what you, i, and every one (and
      > everything) IS. Only when you 'realize' can you "catch" this
      > understanding, this knowing. So the work should be done in this
      > alone.
      > One way of doing this is not to get caught in the idea you have of
      > yourself, as a body-mind entity. No one denies that you as this
      > entity is there, what is being tried to convey is that this entity
      > is only a part of IT ALL, and this all is not separated of the rest
      > or anything. Well, here comes the game of words, and this is not
      > the idea, for we will go nowhere.
      > The individual is here, and so it is the table, so what? Are you
      > table? no. Are you the body? no. Only as an idea of individuality.
      > And yes, social complications exist, but there also exists the
      > alternative of not getting complicated with them. So long as you
      > give importance to those things, you will continue trapped in all
      > this struggle.
      > You may do whatever you like, and that is exactly what you are
      > to do. If realization of the truth of existence is your priority,
      > then be consistent with it and do not give priority to social
      > environment, relationships, this and that. Offer yourself entirely
      > to this realization. Ways, well, there are many, many ways for it.
      > Choose one, and commit yourself to it. Only in this way will all
      > your questions be answered. If you have faith in Gangaji or any
      > other One, then do whatever he or she recommends, but don't jump
      > from here to there unless you are not convinced by them. In this
      > case, you will find or be found by some Being that will fit you and
      > that you will acept as a Guru. Then, follow her or him untill the
      > end.
      > Any explanation that anybody gives to you about individuality-
      > identity will answer the question satisfactorily. Maybe you can get
      > a temporary glance of it, or a partial intellectual understanding,
      > but only Realization will alliviate you totally, by an absolute
      > knowing that goes beyond intellect and mind. And it is possible,
      > it is here NOW.
      > Wishing you peace and All the love,
      > maria luisa
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