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Re: [Meditation Society of America] jody speaks from the silence

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  • Jason Fishman
    No matter how your word it, it s the blind leading the blind :) Here take my hand, I ll show you the way ;) What s so very amusing here, there and everywhere,
    Message 1 of 6 , Apr 1, 2003
      No matter how your word it, it's the blind leading the
      blind :)

      Here take my hand, I'll show you the way ;)

      What's so very amusing here, there and everywhere,
      (not apart), is that all of this reducing of ones ego,
      losing the sense of self, dropping the memory of past
      conditionings is, in essence, a reverting oneself to a
      new born, which is the case in the automatic aging
      process of any being.

      Oh well, mawta cocktail anyone?
      Peace and Love

      --- devianandi <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
      > Before the opening of the inner eye, the mind
      > conceives of the goal
      > as the infinite. This conception is based upon some
      > symbolic image
      > of infinity, such as the sky or ocean, which
      > suggests vastness. But
      > such concepts have to be superseded by direct
      > perception of the
      > infinite. An aspirant sees the Self directly when
      > their inner eye is
      > opened. But when this happens, the mind is dazed by
      > the perception
      > of the Self, it loses the capacity to think clearly
      > and mistakes the
      > seeing of the Self for realization. Hence the
      > illusion of being at
      > the end of the Path while traversing it. In Sufi
      > terminology this
      > particular part of the Path is known as
      > Mukameafasan, or the Abode of
      > Delusion; it is in such difficult phases of the Path
      > that the Master
      > gives a push to the aspirant, so that they can pass
      > on instead of
      > getting caught up on the way.
      > There is danger to the aspirant of being detained on
      > each of the
      > inner planes, because each is alluring and a trap.
      > But the Master
      > takes the aspirant through them without delay. The
      > aspirant has to
      > walk their own way, but the contribution of the
      > Master is in
      > confirming and consolidating the previously acquired
      > intuitions and
      > perceptions and in precipitating the aspirant's
      > consciousness into
      > the next stage.
      > this above few paragraphs is your experience judi

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