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Re: [Meditation Society of America] Re: Any relevance here? Ganga

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  • Jason Fishman
    G: one more additional comment to Jeff s clarity..... you see we do not think that we are higher - more special - elite... we Know that what we are is most
    Message 1 of 72 , Apr 1, 2003
      G: one more additional comment to Jeff's clarity.....
      you see we
      do not think that we are higher - more special -
      elite... we Know
      that what we are is most ordinary ... we have gone
      past all the
      games.... and where we are everyone can be....
      behind all of
      the shadows and clouds of ignorance (which parade
      mental dramas and judgement) , remains the light of
      Being which is everyones birthright.....

      now don't take parts of this former paragraph and
      twist it to
      once again attempt to say "see there you go saying
      your special
      and different again.."
      no it is not that .... the fact that some continue
      to see it in that
      light simply shows where their attention and hang-ups
      are .....
      we Share what we have out of Gratitude and Love .....
      there is a way out of the madness - suffering - and
      gymnastics of attempting to secure a place in the

      this is why when others attack in spiteful ways we
      don't simply
      run away.... i used to run ... i used to hide....
      i used to seek all
      the needy support or rail against the establishment...

      guess what ? that is all over.... neither do i
      buckle under the
      school yard bullies that simply now put on a different
      cloak ....
      bullies are bullies , cons are cons , intellectuals
      intellectuals , heartfelt is heartfelt , giving
      without seeking
      anything in return is called compassion and love....

      why must everyone have some hidden agenda ? is it
      not rather
      the one that is pointing in that direction and judging
      it so may be
      simply is seeing what is within their own lives.... ?

      perhaps some give simply as a spontaneous part of
      living ....
      no agendas - no hidden motives - no needs or wants to
      propped up ..... maybe the ordinary is so
      extraordinary that
      simply giving through the joy of living is
      misconstrued as
      something other than what it is ..... a celebration
      of Wholeness
      that is Love ... and Love by nature extends itself
      not seeking
      anything than others well being and happiness....

      shanti om

      It's very simple Ganga. You got it down, like a
      science, even if you don't see, it others do.

      There are people that hate, they hate so much that
      just being around them, one can feel it pour off of
      them, they have it down too.

      Here you are, the opposite end of the spectrum
      speaking of it's validity. No one can deny it, no one
      can say your wrong in thinking you've found something.
      Regardless if you feel your the greatest human on
      earth or your just an ordinary joe, the truth still
      doesn't change. You got nothing to offer extrodinary
      or plain.

      One goes with the flow, without going anywhere. Time
      appears to move, going no where ahead. Space appears
      to unfold endlessly, it doesn't. It's quite shocking,
      but nothing avoidable.

      You touch on it, dance around it in every sentence,
      yet it's still there. This moment, pure illusion,
      timeless, without begining, without ending, without "

      Your safe, it's comfy to be in the happy place, thats
      fine, enjoy. We don't choose, we are conditioned by
      the appearance. All is unseperated and empty. It's not
      depressing, it's not happy, it's the middle way.

      Someone smacks us and we move. Someone hugs us and we
      are moved, it's all playing off of all, endlessly,

      To think, one mine as well forget. To not think, one
      mine as well avoid. No one's reaching, theres nothing
      to grasp, that doesn't feel good. So we reach grab
      hold of something and it feels good to have that grasp
      returned. If we get beat up enough, like you, we
      search for our "source" for stability and get comfy in
      it. So comfy in fact, we don't think any other has it
      and we need to teach it.

      We all ride the same wave. To say hey buddy you just
      don't get it, is as false as saying hey, your the
      greatest. Simple play being played out, ad naseum.

      You don't have "it" ganga, I don't have "it"... I am
      "it", you are "it" and thats it. All is, as is.

      If your having a hard time understanding "it". Picture
      yourself standing a thousand miles up with no edge in
      sight. How would you ever know you were above
      anything? It's like trying to find yourself, without a
      locale. I am "it", now where did I put "it"? By all
      means though, keep looking ;)

      Peace and Love

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    • devianandi
      ... i ... those ... and ... sourse...and ... solid ... stone ... further ... and ... yes, thank you very much for your compliments,it s niice when a window of
      Message 72 of 72 , Apr 2, 2003
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        > --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Gene Poole"
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        > > --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, devianandi
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        > > >
        > > > what's wrong with being devious?
        > > >
        > > > it's just another activity of god, which is the only one here --

        > > > remember?
        > > >
        > > > no, i forgot but thanks for reminding me that in the beginning
        > > > alone existed i was perfect and tranquil and then something
        > stirred
        > > > and i divided into two, then those two divided into two and
        > > > into two and into two and into two untill there were millions
        > > > trillions of particles of my sparkly light god energies
        > everywhere
        > > > moving further and further away from my center, the
        > down
        > > > down down went all those particles of God energies until a
        > > > point was reached and that particle of God energy became a
        > and
        > > > the material universes were formed and since there was no
        > > > down to go those particles of god started to go back up up up
        > > > after millions and trillions of divirse forms of existence your
        > > > almost home, to your sourse, which is me
        > >
        > > Cool!
        > >
        > >
        > > ==GP==
        > Yes! Way cool!

        > F
        yes, thank you very much for your compliments,it's niice when a
        window of opportunity opens up and i get to goof around, you know
        evrytime i say something negative or hurtful it causes me pain..

        baba hari dass tells me to love God and love myself and i will see
        love everywhere...when i do this love god and love myself it really
        happens, i see love everywhere,,,but when i forget god and forget
        myself and look at negativity it's like that stone that catches all
        the mossss rolling down the hill,,,
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