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    ... wrote: G: first off my apology to lobster in advance .... this is not meant to be directed at him or her ... but simply lobster is
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 1, 2003
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, Lobster
      <edjason@b...> wrote:

      G: first off my apology to lobster in advance .... this is not meant
      to be directed at him or her ... but simply lobster is being used
      in this instance as an object to make a point.... i think that
      lobster is sincere in whatever is being shared ....... now with
      that apology given here we go.........

      L.> Is it also possible that not everyone
      > is meant to be a student / disciple / seeker?
      > My 'teacher' taught me Nothing.
      > I learnt a great deal from this.

      G: that is also a learning a teaching .... and perhaps you are
      simply putting another spin on the same exact dynamic .... is
      this what you were *led* to believe? or is it what you found ?

      > Faceless Lobster face

      G: another conceptualized picture... another idea being
      hawked a faceless lobster .... are you attempting to lead others
      to believe that you are a faceless lobster ? someone that has
      been cooked to perfection so that impersonal nothingness
      this in itself may be seen as an attempt to lead others to believe
      something about you .... i doubt there are many bleating sheep
      here that will just accept this point blank.....

      > Considerations
      > http://tooting.webspace.fish.co.uk/consider/page2.html

      and what belief system are you selling here - what sheep are
      you expecting to find ? see how easy it is to simply speak from
      this point of casting lingering doubts on others seeing and
      motivations .... this takes no skill.... the well placed inuendo
      and put down......... it is childs play....

      leave it on the schoolyards .... come back to sanity and
      honesty..... these types of antics are simply wastes of energy -
      waves that attempt to disturb the simplicity of truth or what is
      being shared ........

      people see what they are seeking for whether to embrace or
      fight against.... otherwise they let it pass when it holds no
      motivation or hook .... some that want to play intellectual
      genius will simply throw out hooks hoping that someone will bite
      so they can then show their vast superiority...... sitting back
      smugly - patting themselves on the back for anyone they can
      disturb or destroy with their antics..... the lists for them have
      simply become another game like pac-man .... there is no
      heartfelt concern about anyone that they encounter...... everyone
      is simply another cog to be played with ..... there is no love
      within them .... there is simply this deluded idea that the
      universe revolves around themselves ... either play on their
      terms or be destroyed.... either see it their way or suffer their
      wrath...... how petty .... how self centered it has all become....
      and it is justified by the philosophy that no one is hurt everyone is
      simply non existent or part of me so i can do whatever i damn
      well please .... this is arrogance and not Love .... this is not
      Jnana this is the i am of self at its height of delusion.....

      Love does not seek to hurt - maim - or boost itself at the
      expense of others.... yes it gives .... it gives what is best in the
      moment.... it does not seek to find every flaw to rip and tear to
      shreds.... it gives as a celebration of Living .... sometimes it is
      hard but not with any idea other than to make way for clarity and

      when heads win out over hearts many justifications are put in
      place..... this is Why it is so paramount to keep heart and
      devotion within your practices .... why Love is so important ...
      even within the path of Knowledge it must be balanced with Love
      ..... in Kali Yuga the Heart dynamic has been sadly lacking .... it
      is time to put it back in place.... time to let go of knowing about
      for real Knowing ... Peace - Love - Compassion come out of
      balance.... seek and destroy come out of self..... hmmmmmm
      you choose....

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