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Re: Any relevance here? / Jason

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  • dan330033
    snip ... Laughing out loud! ... It s just the ever-falling dust, that makes it hard for me to see. ... What s that crawling out from under that rock? Omigod!
    Message 1 of 72 , Mar 31, 2003

      > J: Yes, mutual bullshit, yours and mine and I hate you
      > for it. I'm sorry I don't feel so good, now drop dead
      > :)

      Laughing out loud!

      > > It's remarkable how the same ploy gets played again
      > > and again and again ...
      > Nothing remarkable about it, you've been around the
      > block, saw the scenery, it's pretty roses with patches
      > of weeds scattered around it, the scenery changes, the
      > landscape never does.

      It's just the ever-falling dust, that makes it hard
      for me to see.

      > > That's all selves are is these ploys, so that's the
      > > last thing
      > > anyone is going to look into.
      > Exactly.

      What's that crawling out from under that rock?

      Omigod! Why, it's me!

      > > The spiritual ploys somehow seem the worst of all,
      > > as
      > > bad as all the other ploys can be. There is
      > > something
      > > particularly nasty, vicious, and self-serving
      > > about
      > > the spiritualized self-ploys. I think it's
      > > because
      > > all the knives have to be covered up with lots
      > > of gooey love and wisdom.
      > Naw, not really an worse. Whats worse is admitting you
      > can use that oozi to gun em all down.

      Sorry, I'm using my ouzo to gum them all down -- hic!

      > > A favorite seems to be:
      > > It's fine with me to lose my self as long as I can
      > > tell everyone how deep from silence I'm speaking,
      > > or
      > > the amazing love bliss I now have, and we get
      > > to smugly congratulate and reinforce one another
      > > --
      > > and so on.
      > Perfect, now if we all lost ourselves to the happy-
      > happy joy-joy of blissful silence then what a
      > wonderful world that would be, eh? Sorry, I don't buy
      > into your negative shit either. Life aint roses, but
      > it aint a pile of dung either.

      Nah -- life is just life.

      There's nothing to buy into, joy-joy boy.

      All the roses grow on the same bush.

      The bushes all grow from the same dung.

      Smell the roses, smell the shit, it's
      all the sound of one nose inhaling.

      > > But to look into that "act" and see that it's just
      > > another version of self -- that would be to suffer
      > > a real loss ...
      > >
      > > And that's the last thing any of these
      > > self-proclaimed
      > > realizers living in contentment and bliss want ...
      > Ahhh, and your different in the sense that you have
      > done this?

      No, who said that?

      Joy-joy boy -- wake up and smell. Ooops, you do.
      Take two showers and call me in the morning.

      It's all the same act, just different versions.

      > Get real dude, your just wearing different
      > duds and the last thing you want todo is be
      > associated. Tough shit, get on the boat or drown.

      You wanna live forever, Rose-colored Glasses Dude?

      "Down and down and down and down and down we go --
      hurry my darlin' we mustn't be late for the show ..."

      > > The claim of a loss that made me a special realizer
      > > living deep in silent bliss love
      > > is so much easier to deal with,
      > > and then I get to keep the suffering and call
      > > it blissful silence ... what could be better?
      > Sure, you get to keep the hat too. Be happy for those
      > poor sufferers, you got the nack down so well. Now if
      > you put on the hat all would be just dandy!

      The sufferers need somone who doesn't suffer, so
      they can keep suffering. Sufferers and nonsufferers,
      it's the dance called life.

      It's all going around and coming around.

      The roses need someone to kick some shit in their
      direction -- helps their colors get crispy.

      > Everyone's alter ego

      Nah, you're Jason -- I spotted you right away.

      Thanks for giving me shit, it helps my roses grow ...

      -- Dan
    • devianandi
      ... i ... those ... and ... sourse...and ... solid ... stone ... further ... and ... yes, thank you very much for your compliments,it s niice when a window of
      Message 72 of 72 , Apr 2, 2003
        --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "freyjartist"
        <freyjartist@a...> wrote:
        > --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Gene Poole"
        > <gene_poole@q...> wrote:
        > > --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, devianandi
        > <no_reply@y...> wrote:
        > > >
        > > > what's wrong with being devious?
        > > >
        > > > it's just another activity of god, which is the only one here --

        > > > remember?
        > > >
        > > > no, i forgot but thanks for reminding me that in the beginning
        > > > alone existed i was perfect and tranquil and then something
        > stirred
        > > > and i divided into two, then those two divided into two and
        > > > into two and into two and into two untill there were millions
        > > > trillions of particles of my sparkly light god energies
        > everywhere
        > > > moving further and further away from my center, the
        > down
        > > > down down went all those particles of God energies until a
        > > > point was reached and that particle of God energy became a
        > and
        > > > the material universes were formed and since there was no
        > > > down to go those particles of god started to go back up up up
        > > > after millions and trillions of divirse forms of existence your
        > > > almost home, to your sourse, which is me
        > >
        > > Cool!
        > >
        > >
        > > ==GP==
        > Yes! Way cool!

        > F
        yes, thank you very much for your compliments,it's niice when a
        window of opportunity opens up and i get to goof around, you know
        evrytime i say something negative or hurtful it causes me pain..

        baba hari dass tells me to love God and love myself and i will see
        love everywhere...when i do this love god and love myself it really
        happens, i see love everywhere,,,but when i forget god and forget
        myself and look at negativity it's like that stone that catches all
        the mossss rolling down the hill,,,
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