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Re: Any relevance here?

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  • devianandi
    dan: Not to mention the happy meditators who have to make sure you understand how realized and in bliss they are, God: hello dan, haven t seen you for awhile
    Message 1 of 72 , Mar 31, 2003
      dan: Not to mention the happy meditators who have to make sure you
      understand how realized and in bliss they are,
      God: hello dan, haven't seen you for awhile

      how deep from the silence they are speaking, how really truly real is
      their realization -- Just so you know that it's just like Ramana
      said, and how amazing it is to realize that it's just like he said -
      - and if you don't get that,you are going to get the subtle love darts
      intended to bring you down some notches -- every time.

      God: dan, now look, i am the only one here, who are you talking to
      and who are you talking about?
      > Confronting people about self-satisfaction and
      > smug bullshit is a losing proposition -- they
      > will keep on with what keeps them feeling good
      > about themselves, and stick it to ya in return --
      > every time.
      God: dan dan dan, it's all intened for your own good dan, your trying
      to wake up to your real self, to me, wake up dan, i'm all there is
      > It's remarkable how the same ploy gets played again
      > and again and again ...
      God: but dan, it's your ego who keeps playing and replaying the same
      side of the record, haven't you learned to flip it over, dan, i'm
      not forcing you to listen to what makes you uncomfortable,
      > That's all selves are is these ploys, so that's the last thing
      > anyone is going to look into.
      > The spiritual ploys somehow seem the worst of all, as
      > bad as all the other ploys can be. There is something
      > particularly nasty, vicious, and self-serving about
      > the spiritualized self-ploys. I think it's because
      > all the knives have to be covered up with lots
      > of gooey love and wisdom.

      God: dan dan dan, has life been so hard to you that you see the worst
      in the best
      > A favorite seems to be:
      > It's fine with me to lose my self as long as I can
      > tell everyone how deep from silence I'm speaking, or
      > the amazing love bliss I now have, and we get
      > to smugly congratulate and reinforce one another --
      > and so on.
      God: :(
      > But to look into that "act" and see that it's just
      > another version of self -- that would be to suffer
      > a real loss ...
      > And that's the last thing any of these self-proclaimed
      > realizers living in contentment and bliss want ...

      God: your missing the point of creation dan, your not here to make
      judgements, your here to become me
      > The claim of a loss that made me a special realizer
      > living deep in silent bliss love
      > is so much easier to deal with,
      > and then I get to keep the suffering and call
      > it blissful silence ... what could be better?
      God: dan dan dan your the only one thats here,,,who are you talking
      to? now come on, wake up
    • devianandi
      ... i ... those ... and ... sourse...and ... solid ... stone ... further ... and ... yes, thank you very much for your compliments,it s niice when a window of
      Message 72 of 72 , Apr 2, 2003
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        > --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Gene Poole"
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        > > --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, devianandi
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        > > >
        > > > what's wrong with being devious?
        > > >
        > > > it's just another activity of god, which is the only one here --

        > > > remember?
        > > >
        > > > no, i forgot but thanks for reminding me that in the beginning
        > > > alone existed i was perfect and tranquil and then something
        > stirred
        > > > and i divided into two, then those two divided into two and
        > > > into two and into two and into two untill there were millions
        > > > trillions of particles of my sparkly light god energies
        > everywhere
        > > > moving further and further away from my center, the
        > down
        > > > down down went all those particles of God energies until a
        > > > point was reached and that particle of God energy became a
        > and
        > > > the material universes were formed and since there was no
        > > > down to go those particles of god started to go back up up up
        > > > after millions and trillions of divirse forms of existence your
        > > > almost home, to your sourse, which is me
        > >
        > > Cool!
        > >
        > >
        > > ==GP==
        > Yes! Way cool!

        > F
        yes, thank you very much for your compliments,it's niice when a
        window of opportunity opens up and i get to goof around, you know
        evrytime i say something negative or hurtful it causes me pain..

        baba hari dass tells me to love God and love myself and i will see
        love everywhere...when i do this love god and love myself it really
        happens, i see love everywhere,,,but when i forget god and forget
        myself and look at negativity it's like that stone that catches all
        the mossss rolling down the hill,,,
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