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Re: [Meditation Society of America] Ganga and me

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  • Jason Fishman
    Hi Jody, Your so very sweet... I personally hate sweets, they rot my teeth and make fat cells. It is imparative that I love everything I can t stand, that I no
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 31, 2003
      Hi Jody,

      Your so very sweet... I personally hate sweets, they
      rot my teeth and make fat cells.

      It is imparative that I love everything I can't stand,
      that I no longer allow for personal preferences to
      hinder me. How so does this come about?

      To look apon another, to see everything I hate and
      everything I love about another equally so. This
      doesn't function as I do this, as I see these things I
      can't stand about you in me, it scares the shit outta
      me that I could ever be just like you, but there you
      are saying these things to me. How dare you?

      This isn't personal and I don't care, this is
      everything that can be said to be personal so now I
      care. You and I cannot allow this personal stuff and
      when we do allow this personal stuff we only see what
      is right about it. This happens now!

      Do you love me? I love you
      Do you hate me? I hate you
      Everything about you, I can't stand
      Everything about you, I love beyond words
      We walk together and nothing comes between.

      Don't be confused. I shake you and scream... Do you
      really know yourself?... Look at me! Do you see
      everything you can't stand about me in you? Do you see
      everything you can't live without in me? This is who
      you are, there ain't a damn thing you can do about it
      and nothing is taken personal. Lose yourself in my
      eyes and become me, the who you already are.

      You are my very survival, if you die, if you leave me,
      I've lost myself, how can I survive? I hate you for
      this leaving, but in your death, in this hate, there
      can only be me, loving you beyond words.

      Any moment you see something apart, some personal
      preference that you can't agree with, remember me,
      remember the person you hate so much that you can
      never be away from.

      Peace and Love

      --- jodyrrr <jodyrrr@...> wrote:
      > As I read the headers in this newsgroup I wonder,
      > how
      > can anyone trust that there are benefits to
      > meditation
      > when they can see some of us going at it like cats
      > and
      > dogs.
      > It's a nominally unique circumstance. People who
      > have
      > come to nondual understanding bickering about
      > obscure
      > references and what they infer about one another.
      > It goes a long way to proving my point.
      > Nondual understanding does not necessarily change
      > anything
      > about the person it comes to. Those particular
      > behavior
      > patterns that are unique to an individual are still
      > going to
      > be there. You'll like what you used to and still
      > avoid what
      > you didn't. Patterns of preference remain.
      > Ganga and I have fairly different patterns of
      > preference.
      > She maintains that one can speak from the silence, I
      > believe
      > anyone speaking to be illusory, including this voice
      > you are
      > now reading.
      > She prefers a more traditional rendering of the
      > value and
      > importance of the guru. I believe there are some
      > problems
      > with the concept 'guru' as it has congealed in
      > Western culture.
      > I believe her practice was more traditional and
      > within the
      > context of an organization. My practice was almost
      > entirely
      > transgressive, my own interpretation as a
      > left-handed shakta
      > tantrika.
      > In many ways we're the opposite, but as the Self we
      > are identical,
      > and the both of us know it.
      > But knowing who you are doesn't change the fact that
      > you are
      > also a collection of behaviors and memories which
      > reacts to
      > situations in habitual ways. You may know in
      > complete and
      > utter clarity that you are not that collection, but
      > that collection
      > continues to function in the context of one's life,
      > as Ganga and
      > I have so aptly demonstrated for you tonight.

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