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Joy of Meditation

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  • Jeff Belyea
    Because of my Christian background, studies and experience, I often use biblical reference and quotes. But let me lay some groundwork right up front for anyone
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 28, 2003
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      Because of my Christian
      background, studies and
      experience, I often use
      biblical reference and
      quotes. But let me lay
      some groundwork right
      up front for anyone who
      might read this and who
      is not familiar with my
      style and approach.

      I am not some fundamentalist
      tight-ass who has bought
      into the pile of trash that
      much of the church has
      created. And I don't throw
      out the teaching of one of
      most amazing and beautifully
      poetic teachers because
      of what the church has done,
      or because it is not PC to
      mention Jesus or God.

      (Many who have entered
      deep mediation have witnessed
      the "appearance" of this
      archetypical cultural icon,
      and along with it the
      spiritual experience of
      enlightenment and realization
      that changed their lives
      forever after. And I must
      add, brought scripture, both
      Judeo-Christian and all
      sacred writings, alive!).

      For instance, I am certain
      that Jesus did not intend
      to establish an exclusive
      club or make any exclusive
      claim. Quite the opposite,
      he told his disciples that
      they would become "as the
      master". And because he used
      "God, the father" as a
      consistent model from which
      to teach, he told them; and
      his last recorded prayer
      was for them to realize,
      that The Father loved them
      (that would be "us") the
      same as he loved him.

      If it disturbs us or
      turns us off to read
      of Jesus, we can fill in our
      favorite esoteric teacher
      from India or an acclaimed
      contemporary, well-known
      or published best-selling
      author. Then no one will
      bat an eye, or doubt the
      credibility of our source
      or the reference. But
      because of the abuses of
      power and arrogance of
      much of the organized
      Christian church, many
      "recovering Christians"
      react strongly in the
      negative to any mention
      of God or Jesus.

      But if you're still
      with me...

      We can take some references
      in scripture that mention
      God or The Lord and substitute
      "enlightenment" or "realization"
      and it will work. And this
      may keep us from missing a
      powerful teaching.

      An example: "The joy of
      The Lord is my strength"...
      becomes, "The joy of
      enlightenment is my
      strength", "The joy of
      realization is my

      With enlightenment and
      realization, awakening
      to who we really are,
      comes incredible strength:
      the strength to stand our
      ground, the strength to
      handle any situation with
      equanimity, the strength
      to withstand ridicule...
      without any erosion
      of our pure inner joy.

      Any realized spiritual
      teacher will speak of
      joy and bliss as an
      experiential afterglow
      of spiritual practice,
      and a "joy unspeakable"
      (beyond words) and a
      "peace that passes
      understanding" (beyond
      what the intellect can
      grasp) that remains a
      permanent and over-riding
      sense of awareness that
      enlightenment and
      realization brings.

      Jesus often spoke of
      a "fullness of joy" and
      he said often that his
      teachings and challenges
      to the contemporary view
      of his earthly time (that
      God was a God of Wrath
      who would punish us) was
      to bring us a fullness of joy
      and to introduce us,
      experientially,to a
      God of Love.

      The God of Love that Jesus
      spoke of,the kind creator
      and loving father that was
      his consistent metaphor,
      can be known in us and as
      us - experientially. And we
      can awaken to this abiding,
      indwelling character of
      God as a loving mother-
      father, sister-brother,

      For those who approach
      meditation as part of
      a spiritual practice, who
      follow the path of Raja
      Yoga, the royal yoga,
      union with God is the goal.
      And an amazing grace presents
      itself and for those who
      stay in the race: the
      prize is claimed. The
      suffering ends, the struggle
      is over. After this, life's
      events and struggles become
      mole hills where they
      were previously mountains.
      (Sorry about the twisted

      And this amazing grace,
      this awakening, this
      enlightenment and realization
      is a truth that sets us
      free from fear and doubt.
      With this, the character and
      attributes of an abiding,
      resident, indwelling
      God of Love becomes
      our character and we find
      ourselves aware of who
      we really are and where
      we really are, where we
      have been all long - in
      the "holy of holies",
      the most holy and sacred
      place of all - in
      the very presence and
      residence of God. And
      the throne room of this
      indwelling God, we discover
      (re-discover) is in our
      very own heart.

      If you would like to
      learn a Heart Meditation
      that opens access to this
      interior castle, this place
      of pure joy and bliss
      as a reality in your life,
      you will find a step-by-step
      description of it contained
      in the long article in
      the files section of this
      group, called "Natural
      Enlightenment" under
      Jeff Epic 1. Or you can check
      out my website and email
      me directly from there at


      The joy of enlightenment
      and realization is my strength.

      The joy of The Lord
      is my strength.

      All in love,

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