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Re: Raja yoga

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  • freyjartist
    Hi G, Thanks for replying..... ... so ... .....i seem to be fortunate to be in spontaneous self-enquiry much of the time with this class there is the added
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 27, 2003
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      Hi G,

      Thanks for replying.....

      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "G"
      <crystalkundalini@h...> wrote:
      > Namaste -
      > F: > i go to a bikram yoga class
      > > where i practice my balance and all the the rest of it,
      > > ninety minutes in 100+ degrees F, 26 asanas
      > > non-stop, including sumo-breathing,
      > > it is killer, for sure....but it has everything-- movement,
      > > physical exercise,  internal massage of the organs,
      > > de-tox and meditation....i highly recommend it
      > G: sounds like it is working for your ... excellent ...

      .....yes, it facilitates increased opening to what is

      > F: i think perhaps my most favorite aspect, which
      > > overlays all of it, is the
      > > ongoing mindfulness meditation
      > G: the mindfulness meditation also prepares one for then going
      > into enquiry which is the heart of practice for Jnana...
      > contrary to what many think Jnana is not an intellectual
      > practice more than a stepping back - observing - and
      > then questioning and enquiring into the deepest core...
      > mindfulness meditation is used in so many modalities ...
      > it is the bases for zen - vipassana - and many more....

      .....i seem to be fortunate to be in spontaneous self-enquiry much of
      the time
      with this class there is the added focus of what is happening
      in the body when it is pushed, and as we know, there is no separation
      of mind body and spirit...and with so much of modern life lived
      sedentarily these days, this is a wonderful avenue for people to
      investigate, imo, especially for in-the-head kind of people.

      > F: we are suggested to keep our eyes open at all times,
      > > to not look down or shifting body around between poses,
      > > trying not to blink, but
      > > to maintain a soft gaze ahead into the
      > > mirror,  shifting the focus so as to not
      > > be 'seeing' anything....not a thing....
      > > only being in the moment.....as it is.....
      > G: ah the development of seeing without seeing... it can and
      > does lead to being in the moment .... being in the moment
      > can eventually take one into a spontaneous self enquiry
      > down the line....

      ......i see what you're saying, but i dont see
      that there is necessarily a separation between mindfulness
      and self-enquiry, as you said, a down the line kind
      of thing. Mindfulness and self-enquiry co-existing, no separation

      > F: bringing the awareness to the asana only,
      > > and what is happening in the body as well
      > > as all the senses, noticing where the resistance is,
      > > or grasping onto things like how i 'should' be,
      > >
      > > relaxing into the timelessness of all things......
      > >
      > > and you know, i only do this class because
      > > i really, really enjoy it and WANT to go there
      > > the whole energy there is wonderful....
      > G: it sounds like a good place to be.... thank you for
      > your experience with it openly i am sure that many more
      > will benefit from hearing your endorsement of it....

      ....You are welcome, thank you for your comments


      shanti om

      > > peace, love & understanding,
      > >
      > > Freyja
      > G: peace, love and understanding
      > shanti om
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