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Re: Quick, patent this: Status-Quo Meditation NOW!

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  • satkartar7
    Gene Poole wrote: But now, finally, at last... direct to you from ==Gene Poole== Spiritual Sciences Laboratories... Now you... yes, YOU...
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 25, 2003
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      "Gene Poole" wrote:
      > But now, finally, at last... direct to you from
      > ==Gene Poole== Spiritual Sciences Laboratories...
      > Now you... yes, YOU... can finally be a SPECIAL PERSON!
      > I'm not talking about exotic, esoteric, or even
      > erotic... no,

      Karta: not erotic!? that sucks!

      > I'm talking about THE HERE AND NOW!
      > Free enlightenment... NOW!
      > Step one: 'Realize' that 'what is,
      > is what is'
      > Step two: There is no step two!
      > Step three: See step two!
      > Of course, the 'sophists' among us
      > will ask 'what is the meaning of
      > 'what'? Or,
      > 'that depends on what 'is' is...

      Karta: I am with you Gene, oh! the
      glorious seventies when after Erich
      Fromm, Suzuki, Allan Watts, Ram Das
      and Rajnesh I went with Dr Timothy
      Leary; to Realize; as He stated in

      " What is IS " !!!

      and I AM of course: who I am <grin>

      "The first rule of every law-and-order
      system is to trivialize-daemonize
      the dangerous concepts of Self,
      Individual Aims, and Personal
      Knowledge. Thinking for Your Selves
      is heretical, treasonous,
      blasphemous. Only devils and 
      satans do it. Creative thinking,
      committed out loud, becomes a capital
      crime. It was Three Strikes and
      Youre Out for several hundred
      thousand Protestant dissenter
      during the Inquisitions of the
      Roman papacy-not to forget the
      witch-burnings performed by the
      Protestants when they took charge
      of the Chaos-control department."
      the doc

      Love and Peace and RIGHT

      > But no! No "buts"!
      > What is, is... and what is not, is not...
      > Now, could it get any simpler?
      > No suffering required! No new wardrobe!
      > (unless of course you desire one!)

      Karta: unless if you are judi: wo
      according to Dan B PhD suffers, likes
      to suffer and wants everybody else
      to suffer so she can feel alive

      here is a piece might help her out
      from her stupor:


      > Whew!
      > Can you say out loud:
      > "Gee, You Are You"
      > Gosh... I am me, too!
      > ==Gene Poole==
      > *****And one more thing! If you have PEACE, that is what you have!
      > And if you don't have it and you want it, you won't have it until you
      > get it! And if you get it, will you be at peace with having it? Of course=

      > you will... if it is actually peace that you have. But if you think you h=

      > peace, but are not at peace with having peace, you don't have peace!
      > (Judi... we said 'peace', not 'piece'! Now step away from the
      > .357! ... )
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