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devoted devouring

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  • Lobster
    ... Fellow Americanas, Friends of the Bush, Boddhisattvahs of war, Friends of the mediators, Friends of the media, Friends of Iraq, Friends in the middle, Dear
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 24, 2003
      >"Generally, people get their sense
      > of reality through suffering. Which
      > means they have to generate suffering
      > for themselves and others so as
      >to be real."

      Fellow Americanas, Friends of the Bush,
      Boddhisattvahs of war, Friends of the mediators,
      Friends of the media, Friends of Iraq,
      Friends in the middle,
      Dear Friends,

      We all have this component some to a greater
      (and hence more hidden lack of depth)
      The reason I meditate is to expose this

      Interestingly those who become realized
      tend to INCREASE their spiritual practices
      after attunement/realization etc.
      The human race
      finds it very hard to focus on what is important
      (tell me about it)
      and therefore the distraction has to be focused
      - the horses have to pull the chariot of
      our being in the same direction . . .

      hence meditation . . .

      At 23:41 24/03/2003 +0000, you wrote:
      >This group is for meditators, and is aimed at helping those seeking
      >meditation knowledge. If you don't know about oranges, it's not
      >appropriate to be making judgements on how they taste, or how they
      >should be grown. But if you seek this knowledge, it is appropriate to
      >go to those who can give you a taste, and teach you how to grow them.
      >Peace and blessings,

      Well said Bob,
      When we have nothing but suffering to be
      taught by
      we find ways to say bye bye
      to our inadequate components

      Makes elementary sense to
      any obviously suffering crusty brain
      like me . . .

      > the depression has not returned.... the suffering has Not
      >returned ... the kundalini completed and is stable .... the end of
      >the searching occurred ..... but the start of Life appeared ...
      >enlightenment or realization is not the end but just the starting
      >point to a clear and concise life that needs no external
      >supports...... it simply IS - Formless/form in the unending dance
      >called existence and i am That.....
      > do i support that living sadhana of meditation ? you bet.... it
      >progresses from meditation to witnessing to introspection and
      >finally enquiry which eventually will break all the bonds that hold
      >one hostage.... it leaves life and stilled mind which needs no
      >practice to sustain... it simply IS....
      >shanti om

      When we suffer
      (Cructacean speciality ~ into the pot ~
      self cooking Lobster)
      we try and prove to anyone that
      might listen [yawn] that the eiffel tower does not

      how funny is that?

      I suppose it is whether we wish to
      devour the teaching:

      Edible Buddha

      or be at peace with ourselves:


      Peace and Love
      Major Tommy 'Lobster' Franks (aka Saddam Hussein)


      Driven Dharma

      >Demi Ray <eye4truth@...>
      >Subject: Re: fear
      >Fear is the antithesis of Love.
      >Fear focuses on the self.
      >Fear is of the ego.
      >Fear and Love can not exist in the same space -- this
      >is energetically impossible.
      >Fear gives rise to divisive thoughts like prejudice,
      >superiority, anger and victimization.
      >Also, it seems that fear and love are sometimes
      >confused. For example, victims of abuse oftentimes
      >'love' or 'pity' their abusers in order to cope with
      >an otherwise helpless or hopeless situation.

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