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Japa $iddhi

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  • Lobster
    ... Dear Mediators, Dear Meditators, Dear Friends, Room hopping or yogic flying is only taught to those who have utilised the initial mantra/japa meditation.
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 21, 2003
      > > What do you feel about the TM Siddhi flying program?
      >I think they charge $15,000 to just begin to hop across a room. Why
      >that appeals to someone is beyond me, but obviously it has value to

      Dear Mediators, Dear Meditators,
      Dear Friends,

      Room hopping or yogic flying is only taught to those
      who have utilised the initial mantra/japa meditation.

      Maharashi Yogi and his Natural Law Party
      (I promised to vote for any candidate who could fly)
      introduced a simple meditation that benefited many
      and introduced them to a simple practice.

      Perhaps if we change the mantra from Indian deities
      to something suitable for the US public?
      How about:


      which is an invocation and placation of the
      green deity of 'insatiable craving'

      > > Just one levitator obtaining $1 million from the Randi Foundation
      > > for a demonstrated Siddhi would fund you happily . . .
      >I think Sri Randi could just as well be offering a Billion dollars.
      >His money is safe.

      Indeed :-)

      >Better physical health benefits alone will make meditation grow in
      >acceptance. Where just 15 years ago, I was told by the head of the
      >Adult Education Program that offering a meditation course at the local
      >Community College was a "quack" thing, we now find oncologists,
      >cardiologists, psychiatrists, etc. sending their patients to our
      >classes (and many coming themselves too). "Big business" has begun to
      >realize that meditators have provable lower health cost statistics
      >than their non meditating peers, and it is likely that meditation
      >becomes mandatory to learn in many venues. I went through an
      >orientation for a new job last fall that did include meditation
      >techniques. Of course, I am in the health care field (I'm an RN), and
      >it can be expected to be appreciated there first.

      Yes in the UK where I am, yoga is mainstream
      and relaxation (corpse posture for eg.),
      pranayama and meditation are taught to business executives

      > > > > SMS (Stress Management Skills)
      > > > > now that has a ring to it
      > > > > and that might be a way in to the mainstream?
      > > > >
      > > >
      > > >That's the real deal! There is no more cost effective, or healthier
      > > >stress management tool than meditation.

      I have always believed that spiritual centers
      should offer free meditation to members
      of government, security personnel and
      other high risk groups.
      This would tighten up the woolly
      new age thinkers and loosen up
      the tight asses.

      > > What about bio feedback and binaural entraining?
      > >
      >Excellent methods, but kind of hard to do in "real life'. For
      >instance, if you recognize that you're getting uptight while giving a
      >business presentation, you can't ask everyone to wait while you get
      >out your electronic equipment :-)

      Can you meditate in these conditions?
      Stop pretending you are
      one of those woolly new age thinkers . . .
      What about trance work.
      Breath OUT and r e l a x
      Feel better . . .

      > > ========
      > > Build your own Buddha
      > > http://pages.britishlibrary.net/edjason/elements/
      > >
      > > Guru Rinpoche
      > > http://pages.britishlibrary.net/lobster/buddha/rinpoche.htm
      > >
      > > LOVE BUDDHA
      > > http://tooting.webspace.fish.co.uk/love/
      > >
      >excellent stuff!

      You are so right
      (the fact that I created all the pages
      has not effected my new age woolly judgement)
      Of course that is my Sacred duty as a non-member of
      the Holy Order of the
      Rose and nut

      Peace, Love and Civil Obedience,

      Tight Ass

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