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Esoteric Yoga: alchemi of Consciousness

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  • satkartar7
    the Esoteric Yoga ... the numinous rites of transit to reunite with the Divine Essence. Then Ishwara, the Ruler, proclaimed a New Aeon for all mankind: Never
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 6, 2003
      the Esoteric Yoga

      ... the numinous rites of transit to reunite with the Divine Essence.

      Then Ishwara, the Ruler, proclaimed a New Aeon for all mankind:
      Never again will humans domesticate another wild animal;
      Never again will mankind breed the same way as beasts;
      Never again will the Cosmos be an imponderable mystery;
      Never again will mankind be debarred the Cosmic Oracle;
      Never again will bondage on earth remain so permanent;
      That joy and praise will vibrate among both Gods and Men,

      While the Magick of Shambhala will permeate the Galaxy.

      Then said the Goddess, Maya, "My illusion is no less because of this;
      First they must remember, then find the key, and then escape,
      For the world is a labyrinth and few will find the egress.
      But for Yogis and Yoginis, Athanasia will ever be possible."

      Where we prepare in the school of life to become worthy
      And fit for a greater destiny of real life in the Universes;
      Yoga is the Alchemagick to prepare and make this possible.

      Enjoy human life, if and when you can, but do not fail to learn
      Dark goes to dark, light goes to light; this is Natural Law.

      There are obstacles to the path of light which we can overcome,
      This is the esoteric secret of Yoga for it is the only known method

      Yoga is the transformation of the mind complex and its activity;
      The Helixform Path of Magick leading to higher spiritual levels;
      To vanquish the conditioning and habits inflamed by civilization,
      Restoring our original nature and magick charisma of Divinity
      By the union of individual spirit with the Supreme Atman.

      Yoga presupposes that the Supraconscious mind retains the memory
      Of its divine origin and vast potential of its magick power
      But the conscious mind obstructs and causes it to forget.

      And illusion dominates a life in which clarity should rule.

      Thus the lives of people become dominated by religion and dogmas
      Customs, media and illusion ideology which become obstacles
      And truth is buried beneath the garbage of society and life,
      While our spiritual past is obscured by layers of forgetfulness.

      Yoga is the process, and the goal is return to the One Absolute.

      It is the spiritual Magick-Alchemy, independent of religions.
      Its process and methods are based only on cosmic natural law.

      It has its parallels with the findings of modern science;
      So patterns of our ancient past becomes science of the future.
      Its motif is fluid, because Yoga has no fixed rules or dogmas;
      Only a wisdom base is the matrix to guide and help the sishya.

      Thus experiments and guidelines must be adapted and used
      To assist one to find their own individual system of harmony.
      Yoga is an integral part of the Pagan Magick Way of Life.

      Although the main surviving inspirations are either Hindu or Taoist
      It was also found in our past pagan life and phantasmagoria.

      Yoga is the tetragram which Asia gave to the Western World;
      The four-lettered word which politicians dare not use;
      The Astrolabion Argentum (A A) pointing a way to the stars;
      A capsule to traverse black holes into the Pulsating Presence.
      A perfunctory glance at Yoga may not excite abnormal wonder
      Yet it was the science which gave spiritual power to India and China
      And established a fantastic zone of energy par excellence.

      Yoga is the attainment of the Supreme Cosmic Essence
      Yoga is the dynamic power potential of all modern Magick
      Yoga is the complete conquest of the powers of darkness
      Yoga is the awakened mind free from entanglements.

      For that which is all the names is without a real name,
      A something, somewhere which defies all our descriptions,
      An unmanifest which manifests in all and everything.

      Will and imagination form the two wings of our Kingdom
      To be the basis of all power, attainment and transmutation;
      It is the world and way of the strong mind and determined
      And an insight which unwraps in Weirdglow and Wonder.

      Yet this world of Yoga is blocked to most "civilized" human beings
      Until they have progressively overcome the dark diabolical trinity -
      The three impedimenta fungoid growths of our past and present.

      They are the Konditioning, Karmas and the Five Kleshas,
      The KKK Matrix wherein man's inhumanity to man ferments;
      The contamination which matures and congeals to delusion;
      Just as Nature turns the richest foods into the foulest ordure,
      So we are born in chains which thicken and become more heavy

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