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Re: how to expand headers in Yahoo (ABUSE)

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    ... Poole wrote: Good Morning - thankyou for this most informative mail...... will indeed keep a copy of it on file
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 3, 2003
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Gene
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      Good Morning -

      thankyou for this most informative mail...... will indeed keep a
      copy of it on file .......

      shanti om ...g...

      > Greetings All...
      > The task of bringing 'justice' to evil types
      > who abuse you via email must of necessity
      > involve direct communication with the
      > people who can make a difference.
      > These people can be summoned to your
      > aid. They are:
      > abuse@y...
      > abuse@(fill in ISP here) this will be Cc: to
      > the ISP of the offender, if you can figure
      > out which ISP it is.
      > How to expand Yahoo headers (in groups
      > as well as in your personal yahoo account)
      > As you are reading a posting in a Yahoo group,
      > look up at the top of the window. You will see a
      > link that says: [view source]
      > Click that link and the headers will appear.
      > The headers will usually contain the *actual*
      > name and account number of the sender, no
      > matter how much spoofing is done.
      > This vital info is found in one of the
      > 'Received from:' lines.
      > Now... in order to completely inform the
      > abuse teams of Yahoo and any other ISP,
      > you must do two things:
      > _1 You must FORWARD the email with
      > expanded headesr to the abuse teams
      > of all ISPs.
      > _2 You should SELECT ALL and COPY
      > the complete message and paste it into
      > a new email also addressed to the abuse
      > teams. This must include full headers.
      > If at least 3 people write to complain of the
      > same offense, the abuse team will act. This
      > can be coordinated onlist if necessary.
      > The subject lines of letters to ABUSE@(any ISP)
      > should be very clear, like this:
      > To: Abuse@y...
      > Subject: Please help: Death threats in email!
      > You will receive automated 'boilerplate' letters
      > from the ISP abuse teams. Any action taken is
      > their own choice. Most abuse teams already have
      > open lines of communication to law enforcement
      > such as FBI and local police. email abuse has become
      > a major problem.
      > Please do not initiate 'abuse' letters without due
      > consideration of the possible consequences.
      > I estimate that in the past 2 years, I have 'assisted'
      > various ISPs in terminating service to about 45
      > (ex) users. This includes a lot of SPAMMERS who
      > have been foolish enough to send crap to me.
      > In my home state, it is illegal to transmit SPAM;
      > and this law extends to any state or province, which
      > means that out of state SPAMMERS are liable. The
      > Attorney General will assist private citizens in extreme
      > cases. Check your local laws, which are being updated
      > frequently.
      > If we take care to inform the appropriate ABUSE teams
      > of incidents like Dr Daryl and others who advocate
      > violence, it makes it easier for law enforcement to
      > triangulate on the location of the offender. Please do
      > not hesitate to do your part.
      > Thank you...
      > ==Gene Poole==
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