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Re: Nothing/Everything

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  • Jason <munkiman4u@yahoo.com>
    ... from ... differentiation ... Being. ... is ... at ... the ... Yes, maria that is the basis, everyone says the same thing only the I makes the seperation.
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 2, 2003
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "mlcanow
      <mlcanow@y...>" <mlcanow@y...> wrote:
      > I don't know right now who wrote this, because i picked up a
      > post "al azar". And i feel well with that, because at the end (or
      > the beginning) there is nothing personal nowhere, and this is the
      > issue that i would like to place now, by replying to this because
      > several things came to mind by reading it.
      > > > You can do meditation, yet you already are doing
      > > > meditation. You can write and read yahoo groups, yet
      > > > you already are writing and reading yahoo groups. You
      > > > can be introspective, yet you already are
      > > > introspecting. You can live in the now, yet you
      > > > already are living in the now. You can observe nature,
      > > > yet everything already is natural. You can teach,
      > > > study, learn, Yet you already teach, study, and learn.
      > > > Ahh my favorite, observing children, you already are
      > > > observing children. My least favorite, attending
      > > > church, again, you already attend church.
      > > >
      > > > This all comes down to a big nothing, a zero. No
      > > > matter what you do, in your mind, this doing is
      > > > something you are already doing. There is no doing,
      > > > yet all is doing. Any words one can express, any doing
      > > > one does can be flipped to an opposite, I'm not doing
      > > > this or I'm not saying that. Two opposings cancel
      > > > there for a zero, nothing. Its a circle of opposing
      > > > factors which is the summary of all things, a zero, a
      > > > huge never ending, never begining circle. You don't
      > > > exist, yet you exists in the mind :)
      > The mind exists in You. All there is is Existence. The I arises
      > existence alone, is sustained on it and returns to it. The I comes
      > and goes, existence always IS. From "I" the world is created.
      > It is precisely "you" or the "I" who creates the opposites. In
      > reality, there is no one doing, but the doing alone. To imagine or
      > think, believe, that there is a person, an entity, is what brings
      > the paradox alive. There is only One "I", from which
      > appears. There is not "my *I*" or "your *I*", but only *I*.
      > "At the beginning there was the Verb"
      > So all there is is action, no one acting. Action is One with
      > To individualize is the nature of ego. The distortion of reality
      > created by mind itself.
      > To use the word nothing, brings about the contrary idea of
      > everything. We think of nothing, and since we think, "problems"
      > arise. We think of everything, and the same happens.
      > Maybe all these are the same thing but just different words. But
      > the end, what is it that we are all saying here? Isn't it always
      > same truth put in multiple ways?
      > love,
      > maria luisa

      Yes, maria that is the basis, everyone says the same thing only
      the "I" makes the seperation. One cannot help but say the same
      thing, it is what makes existiance exist feed by nothing.

      love to you
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