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[Meditation Society of America] Re: #1 Life practice -Karta

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  • satkartar7 <mi_nok@yahoo.com>
    Jason Fishman wrote: Another example, you have all this great ... WHY? why would i think about such things ... One can dare to be real ...
    Message 1 of 28 , Mar 2, 2003
      Jason Fishman <munkiman4u@y...> wrote:
      Another example, you have all this great
      > knowledge then one day your mind goes blank (such as
      > amnesia or altzimers disease does over time) what do
      > YOU have left? Does that mean all those things you
      > experienced and knowledge you gained never happened?
      > How would you know? You can't do them over. Think
      > about that, if you will.

      WHY? why would i think about such things

      > This is everything, how much
      > broader view can one have?

      One can dare to be real

      > Of course, These are all parts of you which is
      > everything. This does not desribe HOW phenomena happen
      > in exsistance. This is something to KNOW. If all of
      > the earth was wiped out where only the soil and water
      > remained, did your knowledge go anywhere? Do you feel
      > you take something with you when death comes? How can
      > you? Everything you have is stored in memory, is in
      > mind, do you take mind with you? Once your gone, you
      > will take nothing more then what you came in with,
      > which is nothing more then everything.

      > Yes, phase one, phase two, phase ten million, all the
      > same thing, amounts to everything, which is already
      > what you have.

      You Jason are a philosopher <smiles>

      > One can decide they are no
      > longer searching, but there is always knowledge to
      > gain, experiences to experience, all of which are the
      > same activity of existance.

      oh! this obsession with the *search*

      > This is the
      > heart of the matter, yet even when stepped back in
      > witness stance, this leads to the same truth.
      > Nothing
      > (no-existance) is everything.
      > Yup, all experiences exist in the mind, all will be
      > gone in the blink of an eye. Whats left? Nothing :)

      ok Jason, i will keep in mind your
      advice, that to 'search' is the
      wrong activity and the notion of
      the 'nothing' the later Gene's way
      looking at the zero...

      i am not a philosopher, ALL I
      WANTED TO SAY is that: At times
      when i dare to exist between nowhere
      and somewhere between no ID and
      a transient one to use what makes
      me tick is getting into the *zone*
      what is easy with sadna yoga and
      meditation as i belive, that through
      yoga practice consciousness can be
      raised. And with higher
      consciousness there IS [must be and
      there is NOOOOO way around this]
      a refinement of character an upgrade
      in the ethics of action and yes!
      an upgrade in *understanding* these
      are biproducts of sadna

      Jason, i am glad; that what makes
      you tick is not trolling the
      *spiritual* as in: SPIRITUAL lists
      with knocking meditation and yoga,
      or what ever is listed as the aim
      of the club is: and trying to
      recruit normal people to some funny
      farm boot-camp to be insulted

      because i am fead up with that

      > Peace and love to you Karta
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