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Re: A question for Granny Gangrene

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  • freyjartist@aol.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 27, 2003
      <<G: so i see .... *Honor* is not in sitting back and allowing
      someone to slander you into ill-repute.... that is not honor that
      is *foolishness* ...... Honor is doing the right thing.... Honor is
      in upholding Truth and Honesty.......


      While i do understand your commitment to righteousness,
      as in the Beatitudes,
      I wonder if the energy required to save yourself from slander
      and ill-repute is worth it, and even if just the act of concerning yourself
      with such things is delivering it to you even more.

      When i observe famous folk--politicians, celebrities, spiritual gurus,
      moguls, and so forth,
      in the public eye, it always seems to me that the coolest,
      most together ones are the ones that dont bat an eye at all
      at any 'bad press'. Some of them say, "Let them have their fun."

      They would rather use their energy somewhere else than
      answering to stuff that could only be seen to threaten their survival,
      if there was a survival to be threatened.

      Your living example is enough.

      But, i also understand this as a play of consciousness...
      so....whatever. Do whatever moves you, eh.


      <<Honor is in not simply firing back and attempting to downgrade
      you.... i think that you truly believe you are doing the right
      thing...... but you are doing it blindly........ and with malice of
      intent...... and there is nothing honorable in malice.......>>

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