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Re: A question for Granny Gangrene

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  • G <crystalkundalini@hotmail.com>
    ... bullshit. I never claimed to be enlightened. I never had any enlightened stance like you yourself admitted. I am against this psychopath Granny Gangrene
    Message 1 of 7 , Feb 27, 2003
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "DrDary

      > Wrong, I don't have any problem with this enlightenment
      bullshit. I never claimed to be enlightened. I never had any
      "enlightened stance" like you yourself admitted. I am against this
      psychopath Granny Gangrene because she is a self-deceived
      lunatic who is at the moment misleading people and even
      delaying diagnosis of those who are really afflicted. She should
      be arrested for outright fraud. What is her qualifications?

      G: and yet you claim to be an *authority* .... my qualifications
      are 40 + years on the spiritual path.... 30 + years of an active
      kundalini which then completed.... plus being authorized by me
      Guru to go forward and be a Guru......

      now what are *your* qualifications to be making such outright
      slanderous propagations..... you know *Nothing* of my
      *qualifications* or *What* or *How* i am working with others....

      you have not bothered to check out those being worked with to
      *find* out if in fact they have reached a place of *balance* and
      *peace* or not.....

      as a matter of fact i work with a *psychologist* that is writing her
      doctorate on changing the DSM IV to including spiritual
      transitions .... rather than vilifying them........

      and i am in fact endorsed in full by a very prominent psychologist
      in california ...... but rather than searching out the truth you
      simply jumped on this facetious witch hunt.....

      you have simply seen that i work with kundalini and then went off
      of the deep end .... that is all......

      D: People are having aches in their body and she is
      > associating them with kundalini about which she knows
      absolutely nothing.

      G: once again that is a complete fabrication and assumption
      on your part....... i check out their stories quite carefully .... if
      there is something that it can be other than kundalini i have them
      go to their doctors to have it checked out....... i don't think that
      every symptom is kundalini.........

      once again you have not been on my site ..... have NO Idea
      what i teach or do not teach....... you have simply come up with
      your trumped up nonsense ....

      a woman that works with kundalini and you simply saw and
      are still seeing red....... and i am sorry that you have such a
      personal problem going on with this....... but it is in fact a
      personal problem with no validity what-so-ever.........

      D: People may feel some comfort psychosomatically, but the
      aches could have been brought about by real organic causes.
      Some of them may even be early stages of cancer.

      G: there is a vast differance in organic causes and the
      psychology and also the symptomology of kundalini...... i also
      used to work in the medical profession .... and am quite aware
      of the difference..... if there is any doubt i always urge that a
      number of tests be run.........

      so once again get off of your soapbox .... first get the
      *FACTS* don't just come out here and make fabricated
      slanderous accusations..... you may have an opinion ....
      granted that is fair...... but before being such an excuse the
      expression horses ass and parading as the be all *authority*
      you should first have some *Real* facts rather than
      *Assumptions* and *Innuendo*.........

      D: But because such confidence artists as the psychopath
      Granny Gangrene is on the loose, these people are delaying
      their diagnosis.

      G: first of all a *confidance* artist is one that defrauds people
      out of money...... i don't charge anything... all help is given
      *Gratis* .....

      so your big *problem* is that i am delaying a
      *diagnosis* ??....
      Most people that come have by this time gone through
      the diagnostic ringer......

      so once again you are WAY OFF base......

      so far the only *psychopath* is the one that is running
      around foaming at the mouth making such blown up
      fabrications and suffering a delusionary mind trip of his
      own creation.... brought forth by * assumption * .... and not
      really checking into anything but going off half baked on
      his slanderous witch hunt.......

      K: > > See mostly she angered me because of
      > > my own issues..now I see her as a good-hearted woman
      full of desire to
      > > spread her light and help others,
      > > one who loves to sing om shanti om
      > > shanti and likes to post in clubs,
      > > thats cool

      D: > That's not cool. She doesn't have any light.

      G: hahahahahah


      seeing is believing.....

      D: And she is a total liar.

      G: that is a subjective statement .... i have not *lied* about
      anything but have been quite open and honest.....
      but being that you came in with this big *chip on your
      shoulder* you have no clarity to see anything except
      what you are prepared and willing to see ........ and in
      this case you were not willing to *ask* any *questions*
      but simply went off on this rampage all because the
      statement is made that i work helping others to kundalini
      completion.......... that was all you needed ... then this
      blind hatred arose........ and it sees nothing but it's own
      malicious intent........ where in fact there is nothing
      malicious going on here What-so-ever.........

      D: she has no word of honor. She can't be trusted. Look, she
      just posted two messages, one of them was a reply to this
      thread. She did it after she said that she will leave this list. You
      see how screwed up Granny Gangrene is? She just couldn't
      resist the itch to fire back.

      G: so i see .... *Honor* is not in sitting back and allowing
      someone to slander you into ill-repute.... that is not honor that
      is *foolishness* ...... Honor is doing the right thing.... Honor is
      in upholding Truth and Honesty.......

      Honor is in not simply firing back and attempting to downgrade
      you.... i think that you truly believe you are doing the right
      thing...... but you are doing it blindly........ and with malice of
      intent...... and there is nothing honorable in malice.......

      so please at this point you are the last one to be speaking of

      D: It's alright if she did not say that she's leaving, but she
      said it. Now she is eating her own words. She is very

      G: oh contra're i have been quite consistent... i continue to
      attempt to clarify....... i do not return hatred with hatred....
      i left for a short time to give you time to quit chasing
      but you simply cannot let it go.... i have an absolute right
      to be able to set the record straight....

      D: Such a "guru" is a danger to people. They must be
      destroyed at all cost.

      G: such hatred and blind accusations are a danger to
      people and must be brought to light at all costs....
      light will not flee from darkness..... nor Truth from
      lies.......... what needs to be destroyed is mis-information
      and slander which is being paraded as authority........

      D: > These are not actually the issues, the issues are always
      1. the motive behind (dressing up that way, etc) and

      2. her qualifications. She cannot claim it as religious freedom
      because she doesn't represent any religion (even in that she
      doesn't have any qualification). It's just plain crazyness.

      G: 1) once again you have no idea what my motivations are
      or are not .... you are not inside of my consciousness ...

      everyone is so concerned by my attire ? why? such
      foolishness....... if i wear a sari while in india because
      my husband wishes it, of what concern is that to you?

      if i wear shorts here in the U.S. again what is that to you?

      2) how do you know *What* i represent or do not .... once
      again allegations of pretense going nowhere.... what is
      crazyness is simply your tirade against someone you
      know nothing about....... nor have taken any time to
      find out if there is *ANY* truth to the accusations you
      are spewing forth........

      does a set of religious dogma make one a good teacher?
      does one that is a universalist mean that they have no
      qualifications ...... does a christian stance make it
      better than a buddhis or hindu?

      wake up....... i have nothing against you and truly hope
      you find some peace .... for your anger and hatred while
      directed towards me in the end have nothing to do with
      me at all......... for every one of your comments has been
      based upon assumptions which have no merit

      if you want to say something against me then at least come up
      with something that has some truth in it *somewhere* ......
      but this name calling and posturing with empty inuendos is
      beneath anyone that is truly on any type of spiritual path........

      shanti om ....g....
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