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Using a Bell - Tab

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  • tosime2001
    Tab, Thank you for your questions and comments. The bell I use is a metal bowl that sits on its own cushion. I strike it with a gong (striker) that I bought
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 9, 2002

      Thank you for your questions and comments.

      The bell I use is a metal bowl that sits on its own cushion. I strike
      it with a gong (striker) that I bought with the bowl. I sound the
      bell as part of my preparation for meditation. It is not part of any
      formal technique, it is just something I feel like doing. My aim is
      to stimulate each of my senses as a way of signaling that I am about
      to start my meditation. I strike the bell about 3 to 6 times before I
      put in my ear plugs. The sound has a nice reverberation. Depending on
      how I place my head, I can sometimes hear a secondary reverberation
      as if it were coming from inside my head - it is very uplifting. This
      secondary reverberation is similar to some of the inner sounds I hear
      during my meditation. At some future time I may buy two or three more
      bells with different notes and strike them alternatively to register
      alternating reverberations - I can almost feel the vibrations sending
      pleasant shivers down my spine!

      Now that I think about it there could be something to this. I think
      there is a whole field of alternate health called vibrational
      medicine. There could be specific benefits from using bells of
      certain frequencies. Do you know anything about this? (can you see
      why I thanked you for your question? Because of your question I was
      able to link my simple bell to a whole field of study - who knows
      what may come from this?)

      Open and timed meditation are terms I made up. Open is when you
      meditate for as long as you like but time how long you spent
      meditating. Timed is when you set an alarm or timer to sound at a
      fixed period when you will end your session.

      My standard meditation is sitting. The standing session is a
      combination of a physical exercise and meditation. I stand to perform
      Chi Kung. Essentially I stand without movement as if I am hugging a
      tree. It is quite a strain to stand still in a fixed position, but
      you adapt to it and the adaptation (by relaxing) is one of the

      In terms of writing about your meditation, I really encourage you to
      try it. Something extraordinary happens when you put finger to
      keyboard! Please don't worry about trying to get some description
      right. What you will learn to do is think less and let your inner
      self produce the words. So many things will come to light. For
      instance you will begin to see how your posts are really messages
      from your inner self to you (did you note my comments on vibrational
      medicine - that is an example of my inner self directing me - I thank
      you [me] again!)

      I hope this is not confusing - it is all part of a beautiful journey.

      I wish you happy traveling...Tony

      You wrote...

      Tony, how is the bell utilized during your meditative process? Is it
      a tape you play and how do you hear it with ear plugs in? What does
      an open vs a timed duration consist of? And also are there any
      advantages to a sitting vs a standing position?

      I find this discussion group highly enlightening. I suppose my feeble
      attempts are that of a novice. I enjoy the sensations, feelings, and
      relaxation it provides, however, I am perplexed to be able to convey
      these thoughts and images to words on paper. Does this ability come
      more easily with experience?

      Thanks to all for the added insights,

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