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Re: mind trick

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  • satkartar7 <mi_nok@yahoo.com>
    plus there are maybe only 3 pointers to learn and practice in a Wakingdown workshop where nobody is *done* yet, but she will know when they reach that state
    Message 1 of 16 , Feb 26, 2003
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      plus there are maybe only 3 pointers
      to learn and practice in a Wakingdown
      workshop where nobody is *done* yet,
      but she will know when they reach that


      But with, that a 3 things to learn
      and to remember you are exposed to a
      mind siping jealousy anger judgmental righteousness and a world view spiced
      with a Jesus of the middle ages, but
      full of ugly prejudices bigotry and
      hate, to a very glim lustless pathetic
      spirit and to an uneducated cartoon psychology with a myriad ridiculous
      cartoon characters. It is ashame,
      that her friends who are intelligent
      and some have PhD-s don't enlighten

      judi needs to **********post and at
      her club she can post and pots and post

      She LIED ABOUT the Ranch being NON
      moderated she puts EVERYBODY manually
      on 'moderation' and than catches
      each and every post; i had several
      which never showed up and she mailed
      me in privi with explanations why
      so nobody dares to post. Than to get
      audience she goes trolling to other
      clubs even to those whos FRONTPAGE
      IS different to her believes, but she
      goes to get new brains what she needs
      at the ranch so she can go off again
      with her couple cut & pasts: Whitman,
      adi Da UG Krishnamurti and her
      special important rhetoric with
      ********* all over again and again
      and again

      --- to be continued, Karta

      > Hi Karta,
      > I'm on the ranch list and I don't recognise myself in your description. It's clear that you don't like Judi which is fine of course; everyone has their own preferences to which they're entitled. It seems unnecessary and inaccurate to characterise all the members of the ranch list as a homogenous, perhaps homophobic/misogynist mass, though. I'm not homophobic nor misogynist and have thankfully never had to solicit Judi's advice to tell the difference between my arse and my mouth.
      > Grant.
      > K: hello Grant,
      > no not everybody on a list are the
      > same or stand for the same, i belive
      > strongly that consciousness is
      > contagious and it is a good thing to
      > stay away from gurus who suggested
      > to me verbatim that "i should suck
      > S's dick" by the way MH did NOT boot
      > her for these and other vile remarks
      > that just shows that you are all
      > manipulated by the notion "we are
      > special"
      > If it is repeted over and oner and
      > long enough you believe it, that is
      > how barin-washing works you heard:
      > "we are special" "we have an oasis
      > here" "we have the right
      > *understanding*" etc clt signe #1
      > It is pathetic how MH, who believed
      > in the body-works and meditation got
      > brain-washed too. I witnessed judi's
      > ERRONEOUS remarks unnoticed at his
      > club and when i called attention
      > to it he ran to his gurus defence
      > dismissing reality
      > Why do you think, that being on a
      > list where the 'guru' uses despicable
      > language jumps on others mindlessly
      > even if it makes no sense grabbing
      > any apropos just to make her point aggressively, and when she jumps
      > she insults ridicules and also makes
      > no sense [i can list some of this
      > behavior if you didn't recognize it]
      > declares that she dislikes woman and
      > makes non-stop homophobic jokes and
      > remarks about gays and you feel it
      > doesn't apply to you?
      > Judi is uneducated has NO license
      > in psychology and she is panning out
      > diagnosis makes and righteous
      > religious bigoted remarks
      > if her work-shop works for you don't
      > pay attention to my aversion
      > iam sorry, this is the way i see it,
      > please forgive me
      > ----Karta
      > > K: We should not worry about belonging
      > > to a small percentage of the populous;
      > > there are even smaller % groups,
      > > like the club of the Elite Ranch
      > > members of 120, with special
      > > *understanding* how to reach the
      > > BOTTOM Enlightenment; who are thought
      > > where their bottom is and to
      > > differentiate between their mouth
      > > and asses by the enlightening Light
      > > of their Grand Master: the Reverend
      > > Jiving First Ass.
      > >
      > > To this tribe woman gays and those
      > > in pink attire should not apply: they
      > > are not among the chosen ones
      > >
      > > ---hehehe Hoaha Karta
      > > ex cult-member of
      > > TheEndOfTheRopeRanch
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