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Poor session? Good sign!

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  • Ramon Sender
    ... (1) As my dear old piano teacher said, poor practice sessions always occur before another leap to a higher plateau of skill. Don t get discourage. Progress
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 8, 2002
      > .
      > Questions: (1) How do we deal with what we feel are poor sessions?
      > (2) Why do we forget so much of what happened during a meditation
      > session? Like dreams, as soon I end my meditation, I start to forget
      > many of the insights I had during meditation - even as I am writing
      > them down. I have accepted it a natural process that I should
      > probably not interfere with. Does anyone have any views on this, it
      > appears to be such a waste of knowledge? For example, today I had an
      > insight on why, during meditation, I may sometimes visualize people
      > who have died. All I remember now is that I came to some conclusion.
      > PS - Could others please share their journal entries.
      > _

      (1) As my dear old piano teacher said, poor practice sessions always
      occur before another leap to a higher plateau of skill. Don't get
      discourage. Progress does not occur in a steady upward climb.
      You reach one level, stay there to stabilize, then just before you
      'leap' things fall apart a bit. Take it as a good sign.

      (2) You are doing what I do. I imagine my consciousness as a seven-
      floor department store. Let's see if I can find -- ah
      "First floor: lust, gambling, obsessions and all the vices...
      "Second floor: health worries, money concerns, likes and dislikes, food
      fads and fancies.
      "Third floor: power trips, ambitions, honors in all flavors, recognitions
      and positions!
      "Fourth floor: religious vapors, poetic epiphanies, artistic creations,
      "Fifth floor: celibrityhood, stardom, oscars galore, leadership roles,
      "Sixth floor: the wisdom center! Rise to guru status here, philosophies,
      psychic powers, siddhis, bleeding statues, Great Ideas and Unified
      Field Theories!
      "Seventh and Last Floor: Uh, well, not much here -- wait a minute.,
      though! There's a triangle on the wall - what's it say?

      SAT = CHIT =
      ANANDA = *

      "And there's my Beloved waving to me by the stairs!"
      "We climb up to the roof -- and find another note on the wall."
      "NOTHING TO IT!"
      "Great view!"
      I tend to get off on the Sixth Floor - inspirations, great ideas,
      solutions to problems. What fun and games! I'd say to you what I try to
      remind myself: "Stay in the elevator and push the number 7."
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