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Journal Entry - tosime

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  • tosime2001
    Journal Entry - tosime Date: June 06 Type: (1) Meditation on inner sounds (with earplugs) Type: (2) Chi Kung Variation: None Time: 7:15 a.m. Duration: (1) 65
    Message 1 of 99 , Jun 6, 2002
      Journal Entry - tosime
      Date: June 06
      Type: (1) Meditation on inner sounds (with earplugs)
      Type: (2) Chi Kung
      Variation: None
      Time: 7:15 a.m.
      Duration: (1) 65 minutes (open)
      Duration: (2) 20 minutes (timed)
      Posture: (1) Seated on chair, eyes closed, tongue tip to pallet
      Posture: (2) Standing (Zhan Zhuang)
      Condition: (1) Dark room. Candles. Incense. Essential Oil - Bergamot
      (in burner). Bell.
      Condition: (2) Normal room.
      Experience: Good session. Sleepy - apparently I nodded off several
      times. Had 7 waves of endorphins.

      Insights: (a) Preparation to meditation. A series of gentle actions
      helps me prepare for meditation.
      1) Mind - bring to the surface the key issues that could distract
      during meditation. Acknowledgement reduces the potential for
      2) Positive encouragement - Develop the attitude that this will be an
      excellent session
      3) Stimulate each sense - Tunes the body to a receptive state. Sight -
      candles. Smell - incense/oil. Taste - sip of water. Hearing - gentle
      ringing of bell (note; since this is an inner sounds meditation, I
      listen closely to the fading reverberations as a way of attenuating
      my hearing). Touch - light stretch.

      Insights: (b) Experienced 7 waves of endorphin release - very
      pleasant, almost distracting. Developing the ability to draw out
      these waves. I listen for the indicative inner sound then draw it out
      with encouraging thoughts - all very subtle.

      Questions: Very little mind chatter today - I wonder if it was
      because I was a little sleepy? Could not be sure if I nodded off or
      not; how does one handle being sleepy during meditation? I felt very
      refreshed afterwards and the session appeared to go well.

      PS - Could others please share their journal entries.
    • Swami-G
      ... without ... on ... very ... and deeper ... slide ... If I ... come when I ... thoughts is a ... any ... thought ... Sg: nice to see the site come back to
      Message 99 of 99 , Nov 29, 2003
        --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "tosime"
        <tosime@b...> wrote:
        > Journal Entry - tosime
        > Date: November 29 2003
        > Type: Meditation on inner sounds (with earplugs)
        > Time: 07:55 a.m.
        > Duration: 38 minutes (open)
        > Posture: Seated on chair
        > Body: Eyes closed,
        > - Hands on knees
        > Room Condition: Darkened room
        > - One candle
        > - Incense
        > - Essential Oil - (Gardenia + water on burner)
        > Pre-session:
        > - Full body stretch (3 times).
        > - Struck the bell 3 times before starting
        > Mind Chatter: Low
        > Waves of bliss: None
        > Experience: Good Session. First session after about a year
        > meditating
        > Result: Recall Session - Getting used to the motions.
        > Surprising easy to return to meditation. My body felt as if it were
        > automatic pilot - simply did most of the usual things I did with
        > little thinking on my part.
        > Good physical relaxation. Moved quite quickly through deeper
        and deeper
        > states of physical relaxation.
        > Had the insight that my day to day thinking was like watching a
        > show. Each slide would stop if I dwelt on it by thinking about it.
        If I
        > did not, the next slide would appear. Most of my problems
        come when I
        > dwell too much on each passing thought. The progression of
        thoughts is a
        > natural process that I interfere with when I dwell too long on
        > particular thought. I should try relaxing more and allowing the
        > process to take its natural course.

        Sg: nice to see the site come back to its intention.....
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