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  • medit8ionsociety
    Dear Tony, This is a fantastic idea! I know that there are people here who keep journals, and I hope they will share them. I also know that for some, it will
    Message 1 of 2 , May 31, 2002
      Dear Tony,
      This is a fantastic idea! I know that there are people here who keep
      journals, and I hope they will share them. I also know that for some,
      it will be easier to just write in an unstructed way, and let their
      communication flow as it comes. I also know that there are some here
      who meditate 24x7, and I hope they too will journal and post. I'm
      very pleased that you have run this flag up the pole, or whatever the
      appropriate cliche is, and look forward to seeing who salutes. It's a
      brilliant concept and has the potential to be a tremendous resource.

      "Tony" <tosime@l...> wrote:
      > I have a suggestion I would like to present to our group. Please
      me know
      > what you think.
      > Many of us meditate daily. My sense is that most of us have new
      > practically every meditation session. If we developed a simple
      format for
      > posting our daily meditation sessions to this site we can share our
      > insights as if we were writing a mediation journal. In this way we
      > insights without waiting for questions to prompt them. Our sharing
      > include our meditation techniques, and importantly the small
      variations we
      > explore practically every session. Obviously we can exclude
      > not relevant to the group.
      > We do not necessarily have to state our names - a pen name will do
      > reference. A uniform format helps to ensure we include only the
      details that
      > we wish to share. We can refine the process as we go along.
      > If we set up a good process I believe that in a year we can review
      > of insights - the potential is tremendous.
      > A sample format: Hypothetical
      > Journal Entry
      > Name: xman (some pen name)
      > Type: Focus on breath (the type of meditation you performed)
      > Variation: 4 second pause on out breath (the variation of the
      > meditation)
      > Time: 6:30 a.m. (the time you meditated)
      > Duration: 20 minutes (the duration of your meditation)
      > Posture: Sitting on a chair (your meditation position)
      > Condition: Dark room. Candles. Incense. Bell. (the accoutrements)
      > Experience: Good session. Gentle rocking to heart beat. Distracting
      > brought session to an end. (any new or unique experiences)
      > Insights: Out breath discharged distracting thoughts. Switching
      focus from
      > heart beat to breath allowed deeper meditation. (this would be the
      > entry - what insights can you share with the group)
      > Questions: How can I improve the technique of discharging
      > thoughts with the out breath? (I would encourage at least one
      question not
      > just for the responses but also for the effect of asking questions
      on the
      > questioner - it develops curiosity and the potential for insights)
      > Please let me have you thoughts on this suggestion. If we currently
      > meditation journals we can use the entry as a source for our post.
      > Alternatively we could substitute our journal with post.
      > ...Tony
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