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Please spread the word WORLD HEALING DAY

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  • wtcqd2000
    Dear Fellow Meditators and Light Workers, World Healing Day is about to change the world forever. Please spread the word on this historic event, so that
    Message 1 of 197 , Oct 15, 2001
      Dear Fellow Meditators and Light
      Workers,<br><br>World Healing Day is about to change the world forever.
      Please spread the word on this historic event, so that
      it can capture the world's imagination. Let me
      explain how this began, in the hope it will encourage you
      all to make this event your own . . .and thereby
      change the world.<br><br>Actually this all began about 5
      years ago. We were continually frustrated because
      mounting medical research showed that Tai Chi and Qigong
      could help many people, and in fact address most health
      problems people have . . . but they never heard about
      it.<br><br>So, we decided to organize a mass Tai Chi exhibition
      in the town square in Kansas City, a media event if
      you will. <br><br>The idea caught like a wildfire,
      and spread across the planet to 12 countries the
      following year, 25 the next, 50 the next, and we believe
      nearly 80 this last year.<br><br>Then I began to realize
      that there is much more out there enabling people to
      heal than just Tai Chi and Qigong, including Yoga, TM,
      biofeedback, etc. etc. But our power is lessened because there
      is no unifying rallying point.<br><br>Although World
      Tai CHi & Qigong Day has gotten substantial media
      from The New York Times, CNN, Fox, The South China
      Morning Post, Xinhua, Agence France Presse, etc. Healing
      is not a big topic for the media. They prefer mayhem
      and suffering over solutions and
      prevention.<br><br>So, I strove for a way to so capture the world's
      imagination that it simply could not be ignored. World
      Healing Day evolved as that way.<br><br>I hope you can
      find it in your heart to help me begin networking this
      out. Momentum will build, if we build it, otherwise it
      won't. World Tai Chi Day exploded, but not without a
      great deal of personal effort on my part. It was hard
      on my family stresswise and financially, but I knew
      it was important. Now, I have done all the hard
      stuff and created the template so that it is simple and
      easy for other groups to sign on and be a part of
      this.<br><br>Now, I truly believe that World Tai Chi Day was only a
      template, a practice run, for World Healing Day to occur.
      The website is a template to make it simple and easy
      for Yoga schools and others to do what Tai Chi did
      worldwide . . . to join together for the common goal of
      world healing.<br><br>What happens now . . . we'll see.
      In the past few days a few bold yoga schools have
      listed . . . so it is beginnning. These are
      extraordinary times calling for bold action. We will create the
      world we decide to create, but we have to reach out
      beyond what is.<br><br>My mother came to me in a dream
      years after she passed away, with this message, "Look
      back through history and realize that those who
      changed the world in the most substantial ways were not
      considered great in society, not highly degreed, or
      prominently positioned, but they were simple ordinary people
      who manifested their spiritual side. It is critical
      that you continue to manifest your spiritual
      nature."<br><br>World Healing Day is a way for all of us to manifest
      the yearning of our spiritual nature. It is there,
      waiting for the world to use it for what it was
      designed.<br><br>I hope this helps and that we can become
      compatriots with thousands of others worldwide, altering the
      course of humanity by celebrating and expanding the
      healing we've been blessed to find with the rest of the
      planet, at a time when they need it the most.<br><br>Your
      friend,<br><br>Bill Douglas, World Healing Day,
    • eveneon
      ... me.... I am so glad for ... Hi Lora, I would suggest visitng the website for the meditation society http://www.meditationsociety.com/. There are lots of
      Message 197 of 197 , Jun 9, 2002
        --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@y..., "Lora_T" <candlelady123@j...>
        >I have never meditated ever... i appreciate any help you can give
        me.... I am so glad for
        > this meditation group...Thanks for starting it.. Lora T

        Hi Lora,
        I would suggest visitng the website for the meditation society
        http://www.meditationsociety.com/. There are lots of techniques
        listed there. Try a few different ones until you find one that is
        easy to follow. Perhaps the first thing to try is to just sit in a
        quiet place, close your eyes, and focus on the sound and feeling of
        breath. Just breathe natually. Notice your thoughts, but don't hang
        onto them. Just watch them come and go. Watch and listen.

        I hope this helps. Meditation can seem difficult when you are first
        starting out (and even after you have been doing it a while for that
        matter). Just try it and be patient and perserve. The hardest part is
        the actual committment to sit down and do it. Just sitting quietly
        and watching your breath is more beneficial than you may imagine.

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