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  • medit8ionsociety
    Dear Harry, Thanks and greetings from Oklahoma. We ll be having class in or near Oklahoma in the future. Probably in the Fort Smith AR. area. In any event,
    Message 1 of 2 , May 10, 2002
      Dear Harry, Thanks and greetings from Oklahoma. We'll be having class
      in or near Oklahoma in the future. Probably in the Fort Smith AR.
      area. In any event, that's what this group is about. Every time we
      are on line, there's a new lesson to learn . Actually, the "homework"
      assignment is being mentioned because I hope some of the readers on
      line will try it. There may be no better way to stop your habitual
      squandering of energy than by being aware of your negative
      reactivity. Simply Witness, and then don't chastise yourself about
      it...just go on Witnessing. For everyone reading this now, please
      don'y hesitate to "teach". Any question you post or any answer you
      give is food for peacefull thoughts and spiritual growth. I hope to
      see you in class soon, either in-person, or in this cyber classroom.

      <thenakedswimmer@p...> wrote:
      > Sounds like a wonderful class for discussion Bob. but alas I live
      in Oklahoma City!. Best wishes. Harry

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      > Subject: [Meditation Society of America] Class
      Tonight, from 7 to 8:30pm EST, will be the 2nd from last class of
      the semester. The next one will be Friday, the 24th. If you are going
      to be in the Philly area, you are most welcome to attend as my guest.
      Now that the 76ers and Flyers seasons are over, we will most
      likely be sharing a greater amount of time actually meditating and
      discussing concepts. For instance, tonight we will be reviewing
      the results of the last class's very difficult "homework" assignment,
      which was to not express negativity for 2 straight hours, or for
      a whole day, or for the whole 2 weeks that have gone by. We will
      also be reviewing who the Real Self is, how to control your emotions,
      physical reactivity, and the mind, as well as experiencing the
      meaning of life. But we do those kinds of things in every class,
      so if you can't make it to tonight's class, try for the next one. Of
      course, if the universe wants you to be there, it'll happen, and
      if not, not. In any event, and every event, be happy, and as Saint
      Monty said, and Saint Ozzy repeated recently, "Always look on the
      bright side of life".
      Peace and blessings,
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