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Re: Meditation, Metabolism and Other Questions

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Tiperez beautifully answered alot of the questions Pontifexmaxim brought up, and I would like to try to help also by pointing to two of the techniques found on
    Message 1 of 2 , May 4, 2002
      Tiperez beautifully answered alot of the questions Pontifexmaxim
      brought up, and I would like to try to help also by pointing to two
      of the techniques found on Meditation Station. As far as the 3rd Eye
      question, I think that this part of the 3rd Eye Meditation Technique,
      found at http://www.meditationsociety.com/week38.html
      may help with the answers you seek:

      "In the beginning of 3rd eye practice, it may help to place your
      thumb at the outer edge of one eye and your middle finger on the
      outer edge of the other, while placing your index finger at the
      mid-point between your eyebrows. This gives you a point of focus to
      place your attention. It also allows you to prevent your eyelids from
      fluttering. This commonly occurs, and can be distracting until you
      get used to the sensations that accompany this technique."

      As far as preparing to meditate, the part quoted below from the Coat
      of Many Colors technique, found at:
      may help give some ideas as ways that may help to prepare before
      actually beginning to meditate:

      "Prepare yourself for meditation in the way that you have found is
      best. Or, if you wish, there are basic techniques used to initiate
      the meditative state that you may try. For instance, you might sit as
      comfortably as possible and relax your muscles progressively from
      your toes to the top of your head. Witness your breath flowing in,
      saturating your entire being, and flowing out. Direct your mind,
      body,and emotions to not bother you now, in these moments of sacred
      inner insight. Repeat the observation of your breathing cycle over
      and over until you become as fluid as the air. This, and many other
      techniques, will allow you to experience the Alpha and Theta brain
      wave cycle rhythms that clinically characterize meditation and let
      you enter the realms of wonder, awe, and wisdom that they bring."

      I hope this helps. I also want to add that it's great to bring up
      these kind of questions. Every meditator goes through similar
      situations, and you can't ever get too much information that may help
      you (as Saint Jim Morrison put it) "go on through to the other side".
      So, instead of feeling guilty about asking too many questions, pat
      yourself on your spiritual back and know that by your brave honesty
      and sincere desire to learn, you are also helping many others.

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      <pontifexmaxim@h...> wrote:
      To what extent does meditation affect metabolism? I read somewhere
      that it slows it down, so one should meditate before meals in the
      morning and evening/afternoon. Does a shorter meditation affect
      metabolism less? Is a shorter meditation less effective, ie 3 reps
      of the 3rd eye meditation? I've been having some problems
      concentrating on the point in the middle of my eyebrows, mainly
      because I'm terribly tired and because contacts make the eye
      fluttering even more chronic. Are there any methods directed to
      improving concentration? Would it be good to have a pre-meditation
      "ritual", or warm-up of some sort? Would calming music in the
      background interfere with concentration? I'm have to admit, I feel
      quite bad for asking so many questions.
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