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sinful doings

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  • Michael A. Read
    http://www.sistertaffy.com/SinfulSpottings.htm Yes there is sin to be found on the www. Hell yes! And here is just a sample, by God! Redemption is for
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2003

      Yes there is sin to be found on the www.

      Hell yes! And here is just a sample, by God!

      "Redemption is for anybody." - Rick the bartender.

      hm hm hm...



      Sinful Spottings Found On The WWW

      Links & Things you send me for review. Some may make it to my permanent links section and others will enjoy their 15 minutes of fame and then be cast into cyber-HELL for all eternity. Baby Jesus and I will update this page regularly so check back often, dears.

      October 31, 2001 - Let's not beat it around the bush. I realize this page of sick, depraved sites hasn't been updated on a while and I shan't make any apologies about it. I've been very busy preparing my home for Christian (Baptist) motherhood. I cannot tell you how difficult the bio mother has been during this entire process. "I'm sick...I feel fat...My back aches...I miss my husband..." all day long. I absolutely cannot wait until she has that baby and Daniel and I can get that woman out of our lives. We try to do the Christian (Baptist) thing by adopting her baby so she won't have to face the shame of being a single mother. But do you think she appreciates it? Absolutely not. At least I can take comfort in the fact that come Christmas Eve (the day before Baby Jesus birthday for you pagans & witches) Dr. Edwards induces labor and we can rip the baby from her arms forever. What a joyful day that will be. I was going to hire the woman on as a wet nurse for a few months but she's become so ungrateful that I'm thinking of reducing her final check by 50%. Pain & suffering is what my attorney says we can call it. Anyway, perhaps I'll have a few minutes to myself and can update this lovely page again before Thanksgiving. Perhaps a Valium in her milk will help. I know it has helped me. Anyway, there is a world of liars, thieves, scam artists, satanists, sluts, and other deginerates to expose regardless of my own woes. Visit them all and tell them that Sister Taffy said to go straight to Hell.

      Until next time! -- Sister Taffy

      6/12/01 - My apologies for not updating this page sooner. I have been toiling away rebuking sinners and sodomizes. These are some controversial people so don't you go saying I didn't warn you. I did come across a good site that all Christian's (Baptists) need to go to and bookmark. They warn God's people about the EVIL Anti-Christian.com sites out there. And last but not least is a site I found that is dedicated to SATAN'S WRINKLED HAND GLOVE. Lord, Have mercy.

      5/31/01 - Have you ever seen something so putrid and disgusting that you had to go and vomit afterwards? Well, I have and the sad thing is that the SINNER running this site seemed to be having a ball blaspheming the Baby Jesus. We can only hope that Hell will reach up and snatch them home.

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