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Selfless acts and dog walking mditations

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  • medit8ionsociety
    pontifexmaxim@h... wrote about meditating while walking the dog: Any techniques that can be used there? I don t think slow breathing techniques would work
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 26, 2002
      pontifexmaxim@h...> wrote about meditating while walking the dog:
      techniques that can be used there? I don't think slow breathing
      techniques would work because I walk at a relatively fast pace and
      have to breathe quickly. However, I know it's a great half an hour of
      my life which I could include meditation in."
      and Bobby G shared this excellent "real" technique:
      Actually I did a walking meditation for about eight years that I felt
      very good about.
      Four steps on the in breath. Hold two steps.
      Four steps on the out breath. Hold two steps.
      Bobby G.

      And Eve posted this thought provoker/thought stopper:
      "When you do things for others, it is for one of two reasons:
      1)because it makes you feel good (which is actually a selfish
      reason) or
      2)because you recognize that your ego(self) is not who you are.
      Your actions are truly in the service of others. They are true
      selfless actions because there is no "self" motivated to do the
      action. But then this led me to ask, "Who" is the selfless act for?
      Any thoughts?"

      Well, all this did get me to thinking about how much I love going on
      walks with my dog. And how I do use the time meditatively, to witness
      my breath and my life as it is taking place. Because if I don't walk
      him, he'll go in the house, and if I don't breath, I'll die, and if I
      don't pay attention, I'll surely step in poop. So, the "Who" could be
      the combination of me, my dog, and my wife (who is so nice, she'll
      help clean up the mess, whether on my shoe or on the carpet).
      Seriously, Duke was 12 last week and his breed, Newfoundlands,
      usually only live til 7 or 8, so every step, every breath, every
      moment we share, is a blessing. In reality, we can't really act at
      all ("Thy will be done"), nor can we judge if our acts are good or
      bad, selfless or selfish, or "Who" is involved or evolved. Generally
      speaking, it is said that if your action/reaction takes your peace
      away, it's "bad", and if it brings you peace, it's "good", but I can
      assure you that even poop cleaning can be "good". It really brings us
      together as a family, and that is a nice form of peace.
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