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Re: stream of consciousness......Tom Hanks

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  • dragonpuffs7777
    Yes, I think I just said that in so many words, but yours sounds good. ... in ... which ... is ... removal ... it s ... I ... you ... scale ... that ... is,
    Message 1 of 11 , Jan 31, 2003
      Yes, I think I just said that in so many words, but yours sounds

      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Jason
      <jfishman2@m...>" <jfishman2@m...> wrote:
      > So much for an early bedtime, but a stand in is to fun to pass up!
      > Before this plays out in more debate, remember I hold no position
      > either favor here, there or everywhere (sorry, got that song stuck
      > in my head)...
      > What you both are doing is jocking for a position, neither of
      > is any less or anymore valid then you make it...
      > G: it is very understood your position as such, removal of the I
      > very important when being in balance, but regardless of the
      > of the I (which you are not doing) doesn't have any bearing on
      > existance. You (whether you've decided there is a you as one "not
      > two, not two" or not) are merely playing the game by calling it
      > something else. I no longer exist's, all is one, you are wrong and
      > am right, see the unbalance of this. You continue this debate
      > because you say it is simply a passing by I hold nothing to it, it
      > does not control me nor make me feel any such way, yet continuing
      > the debate says otherwise....shanti om and grin and bear it all
      > will. Your proving a point, a position is being maintained here.
      > You, whether your will will allow or not has no justification.
      > Again, You're simply continuing the game of cat and mouse and
      > calling it something else. Quite so, to mine and others amusement.
      > P: You are also playing the game, there is no difference but a
      > of another color. you point out truths that exist, whether someone
      > else agrees on them or not and you both continue to say look to
      > yourself, there is something wrong here. Quite so on all accounts,
      > there is no balance in this power play. Your talking to a wall
      > stuck in a reality of her own making, just as you are. Trying to
      > force anothers truths onto someone else is just what is says it
      > a control power play, no more no less.
      > On a closing note, saying "thats what were both saying" which in
      > essence thats all your both saying anyway, is the same thing as
      > holding a position. Both have valid perspectives, see them as such
      > and move on, or don't and continue the debate. there may be a few
      > still lingering in the entertainment of it all :)
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