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  • Jason <jfishman2@msn.com>
    I m off to jet for a few days to the Land Down, Under , but I wanted to leave you all with some fun, gotta have it :)... People often ask me why this? why
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2003
      I'm off to jet for a few days to the "Land Down, Under", but I
      wanted to leave you all with some fun, gotta have it :)...

      People often ask me why this? why that? (insert a infinite amount of
      this's and that's). And the answer is always the same, what IS, is.
      What was displayed here today and just about every day here, there
      and everywhere (another beatles tune!, circles, I tell ya) won't
      ever stop, if it did it would cease to be. There is no prize to
      claim, no higher, no lower only what IS, is. There are no
      perspectives, no points in time and no realizations which is equal
      to the infinite of the opposite. It is a circle, one you won't
      rationalize away, one that wont dissapear because you know
      something. This is the final realization, yet it's never over,
      claming of the mind KNOWING of the infinite, yet non existance
      doesn't make the circle less so. You may be stuck at anytime, by
      conditioning, by giving in, by stopping to marvel at it all, but the
      infinite continues with or without your liking or disliking of it.
      When you stop, through meditation, through physical trama, through
      realizations the only thing that pauses is your current perspective,
      of which there is a connection to all things, a bliss and last as
      long as you stop right there and wallow in it. No matter where you
      are on this circle, in blissful la la land or in deep sorrowfull
      depression, it's only your perspective keeping you there. All are
      infinitely correct and equally so, incorrect. Time marches on
      forward and reverses, subtle stops between changes exist. There is
      peace in stopping as well as in movement and is equal to the peace
      in chaos. becuase one decides to "rest in peace" (hehe) means no
      more then deciding to rest in sorrow. Mind designs concepts yet
      undefined concepts exist, take no comfort in this, yet take all
      comfort from it, neither is nor isn't so.

      I jest always, I am a clown and if I wasn't I'd be infinitely
      something else and this my friends IS the fine line between ward 23
      and the reality of your own making:) Enjoy an awesome weekend!

      Peace to all and may the tears of sorrow blend with the tears of joy
      to bring this peace to light :)
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